Zaffran - Indian Food redux, Brilliantly done

Our maiden eat in experience at Zaffran was Amazing to say the least. Yup that one line more than sums up our experience at this well known joint.

To be more verbose let me explain in a little more detail.

We started off with the Pudina Paneer Tikka and Vegetarian Galouti Kebabs, Both were melt in your mouth soft and nicely sized portion wise. The Pudina Paneer Tikka was soft and an interesting departure on the standard panner tikka we are accustomed to having, it had a nice curd flavour and subtle pudina flavour shining through.

The Galouti Kebabs were just heavenly and soft beyond reason I suspect some amazing kitchen voodoo made them so, an absolute must have in my book. The masala papad can be skipped though, average at best.

For the Main Course we ordered the Black Dal, Paneer Tikka Masala and the Vegetable jalfrezie, both standard items but extremely tasty to boot. The paneer one again was soft and succulent and a joy to dive into. Despite the Vegetable being of the similarish gravy is colour the taste was distinct and the vegetables sung through which is a tough balancing act to perform when serving dishes to customers who love their masalas. The black dal was rich and aromatic but extremely heavy, definitely one of the better black dals in the city.

For breads we ordered the Roti ki Tokri and I recommend doing so only if you have come with a ravenous appetite because the portions are big and left us stuffed.

We couldn't have any desert as we were full to the brim but I hear from friends that the Indian deserts are nice here.

Damages came to about 450 per head