Mainland China, Tardeo - Restaurant Review

Many times one feels trepidation when we go to dine at an old favorite restaurant and that's what I felt for some inexplicable reason this time when I visited Mainland China, my last meal was such a nice memory that I was afraid this one wouldn't quite match up. The old favorite though proved its mettle all over again and gave me a memorable evening on a very special occasion.

Being a Monday night, the restaurant was understandably low on the patron count, however credit to the staff that they never tended to hover around us or make us feel like we were being watched during our meal.

We started off our meal with a Hot and sour Veg soup for the lady and Peppery Lemon Soup for me, both were flavourful and distinctive in their taste with the lemon shining through in mine, the Hot and sour could have done with just a tad more heat in my opinion but wasn't lacking in any other way for sure. The dense amount of vegetables gave it a heft rarely seen in the up market restaurants and was very welcome for this happy camper.

For appetizers we decided to indulge in the Wok Tossed babycorn and mushroom in pixiang bean chilli sauce which for me personally was the highlight of the night, with heat to delight the palate yet a very distinctive identifiable bean flavour coming through which paired well with the babycorn and mushrooms.

Main Course was a gravy and rice with the gravy being the exotic veg in chilli basil sauce in a clay pot and the rice were the ginger capsicum fried rice the gravy was flavourful while being not too heavy on the spices and appreciated by the better half for being different from the regular grind. The rice I felt dissapointed though as the flavours of ginger or capsicum didn't really come through and made me feel it was just some ordinary rice must try a different one next time for sure.

Being prewarned this was a special occasion they gave us a Brownie with Ice cream on top gratis and this brought a huge smile to both our faces and the serenade of happy birthday made her blush for sure.

The portions as always were generous and we had enough left over for my sister to also fill her tummy a bit the next day.

The ambience is pleasing and the place is large with a over arching black theme. It can get a bit intimidating when the restaurant is on the emptier side but the staff with their smiles and prompt yet not overbearing attention make it much better.

In terms of wallet damages this one hurts but was worth it at Rs. 2000 for the meal or Rs.1000 per head however you wish to count it. In my experience though in a larger group it tends to lower a bit given the large portions and approximately 700 per head is a good estimate for vegetarians.

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