Cream Center, Chowpatty - An Institution manages to keep it fresh

Often one of the hardest things to do is to review a place which has become iconic. There is a certain charisma and allure despite everything which still tugs at the heartstrings and which speaks to your oldest memories because a lot of them were made visiting just this place. For me one of those places is Cream Center at Chowpatty.

Much of its allure for me is the standard items which never change despite all these years and thank goodness for that, waiting for a menu is way too much for a regular like me :P

Recently though  they have been switching it up and regularly adding new items to the menu, while making sure the classics are retained.

My last visit had me pleasantly surprised to find out that they have introduced a number of new sizzlers and my face broke into a grin a mile wide.

However we will get to that in due time. Let's kick off this review right at the start.

We started off with their Nachos with cheese sauce and Onion rings, both perennial favorites with almost anyone who visits here. Jain patrons get the option of Capsicum rings too which are much recommended. The Onion rings are crisp and the batter is the right amount of soft on the inside, the Nachos are crisp and their cheese sauce is just brilliant though lately they have become a touch stingy with their helping of the golden stuff. Pro tip is to ask for the Onion Rings less oily and they do try to make it so.

For mains we had Sizzling Paneer Chilli, Chole Bhature(another classic) and New item on menu Schezwan Sa Pow Sizzler. The sizzling Paneer chilli is basically our regluar Paneer Chilli chindian served on a sizzler plate with a portion of rice to go with it. Its flavourful with the distinctive roadside flavour of soya and chillies but the sizzling part of it adds a nice dimension to the dish apart from keeping it hot as well. Cholle bhature is one of those legacy items at this joint, in the same league as the Nachos and the onion rings and never gets old and rarely if ever dissapoints, this time was no exception and the bhature was soft with just the slightest hint of chewiness which is just the way I like it.

The biggest surprise though was the Schezwan Sa Pow Sizzler, which was noodles with a mixed schezwan gray and the usual sizzler trappings of Wedges and steamed veggies on the side, the noodles were well cooked and the gravy had heat but avoided the taste of purposely added sugar which the restaurant tends to lean towards at times given its predominantly Gujurati and Marwari clientele.

This time we were too stuffed for desert but a recommendation if you ever visit is the Sizzling Brownie with Ice cream and chocolate sauce a must have is there ever was one.

Damages to the Wallet were around 350 a head, though your  mileage might vary depending on what all you order, I say this from sheer experience.


Fulchand Niwas, Chowpatty Sea Face, Mumbai

Directions: Just ask a cabbie Chowpatty ke saamne and you should be right there, just make sure you dont take the left towards Sukh Sagar but cross the signal, it will be right on your left. ( This is for people approaching from Wilson College)

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