Kala Ghoda Cafe, Kala Ghoda - Hidden Gem

In the confines in an around Kala Ghoda lies a tiny little cafe with decided to play it simple and take the name from the area itself. A tiny place done up in pleasing pastels it has an air of calm about it for some reason. Though when I say tiny this place is really tiny with just 5 tables and place for a max of 20-25 People is my guess.

Kala Ghoda Cafe
Kala Ghoda Cafe

While the kitchen is not operational for the next 2 months they still offer Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate and Sandwiches amongst other things. Basically cold kitchen items.

The Hot Chocolate was a tall, immensely dark hot concoction which with just a touch of sugar delighted my palate. For those who don't like their drinks bitter you will need a lot more sugar though for sure. To go along with it I opted for the Pesto and Cheddar Cheese Sandwich, it came in a nicely grilled ciabatta all the way from the bakery where they get their breads as I was informed by the courteous waiter. The sandwich was well put together though special mention in my book for the delightful mustard which they served along with it.

The icing on the cake for me though, was the free WiFi, I know it isn't a rare occurrence nowadays but it was nice to have, the geek in me did a speed test and got a 1.5 Mbps downlink so had an even wider mental grin.

Damages to the wallet was okay with the tally coming to 280 for the above 2 items plus Tip. They graciously don't add it here. But service is good enough for u to give it in any case.

All in all a place which offers solitude amongst the hustle bustle of Mumbai and allows you to do your own thing. I look forward to visiting again when the kitchen is operational. For now though visit it for the chilled out vibe and the rich hot chocolate

The Bambaiya Veggie reviews anonymously and pays for all meals themselves.

Address:10, Ropewalk Lane (Across from Trishna), Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai Contact Number: 022 22633866, 022 33803418