Pizza Express, Gateway of India - Expressly done

I don't really know what it is about that area around the Gateway of India at Colaba but its become a hot bed for restaurants to pop up in. Almost all seem to be variations on Italian and Continental too, surprising huh? Prominent names include Moshe's, Indigo Deli, The Table and La Pain Quotodien Nested amongst these is the fairly new Pizza Express sandwiched between LPQ on the left and the famous Sugar Cane juice guy on the right ( I forget names pretty easily so apologies for that)

Pizza Express
Pizza Express

Built on two levels in a pleasing style which has diner style booths in a slightly industrial style and an open kitchen right in the middle on the ground floor, the place manages to look a little chic without trying too hard. Its a style which both me and my sister appreciated and succeeds in my opinion.

We were seated fairly quickly on an inside table for three. The staff introduced themselves nicely to us and quickly took our order and scurried away. A point to note is that he informed us that we should give the entire order together as the kitchen was busy, however we did expect him to stagger the orders, nothing of the sort was done and we were promptly served our appetizers and mains together.

For appetizers we called for the Rosemary Pizza Base which turned out way too salty for our liking, at the start we thought it was just because of the salty butter used by them but it turned out that they had sprinkled salt on top too, not to be had next time. Not as part of this meal however I have tried their signature dough balls and those too are nothing to write home about, I mean just baking some dough and calling it an appetizer without something to go with it doesn't work in any form ever. You need to provide something so you appreciate the qualities of it acting like a base and the flavor it adds by being a good carrier.

For our first mains we ordered the vegetarian version of their spicy Calabrese pizza which came with chopped chillies, Rocket, Baby mozzarella, some Parmesan and some other cheese whose name I forget. While the pizza was nice taste-wise it was just too small and didn't quite fill us up, they really should increase the size given the prices they charge for it.

To satiate our appetites we then went for a Giardiniera pizza in their Romano Base, this one had Mushrooms, leeks, olives, cherry tomatos, artichokes and was a very full featured pizza to say the least and had a larger impact on our tummies, taste wise this shone too with the pizza base being a great carrier for the sauce and the various ingredients that came piled on to it, yet remained soft and pliant, almost like those legendary New York style pizza's I have heard so much about but never really eaten (Hopefully that changes at some point in the future ;) )

We weren't really in the mood for desert so we skipped that part, will have to revisit soon to cover that too.

When it comes to wallet damage this place is definitely a heavy hitter with prices, coming to around 650 a head for just a starter with 2 pizzas, one pain point I do have to express is them charging the same for both non vegetarian as well as vegetarian versions of the Calabrese, I mean if we aren't having the sausage then reduce it by a token amount if nothing else.

Recommendable? Yeah sure, but make sure you know that your wallet will take a bigger hit than you might be used to.


Dhanraj Mahal, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai - Easier one would be Gateway of India, once you approach it from the non-Taj side you just cant miss Pizza Express.

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