Woodside Inn - Restaurant Review

Had heard about Woodside Inn a lot, mostly about its excellent beer selection but equally about its food too which is supposed to be modern and fresh.

This led to me wanting to go there since the last couple of years. The occasion however never sprang up ( due to bad karma I guess :-P). Finally with my family bored with all the usual places and eager to try something different agreed to try out this Colaba Mainstay and off we went.

Was the food upto scratch? Is it worth going there? Read on to find out my impressions of the place which is recommended by many in this fair city of ours.

Arriving at Woodside Inn your immediately greeted by the woodpaneled bar, a warm and inviting sight in its own right. However as this was a family trip we rapidly ascended upstairs to the main dining area. With the tables nicely spaced out and plush sofas lining the corners it was a warm and inviting space to be in. However one can expect it to be quite a long wait on a busy night as there isn't space to seat that many for dining.

Eating with my family always comes with a ton of strings attached with regards to dietary preferences being the picky eaters that we are. The silver lining about this is that it always seems to test the waiters and gives me a good way to involuntarily test their knowledge and competence. Always a good thing, especially when one is visiting for the first time in my opinion. The first impression usually end up being a lasting one for our family.

Our ordering was a bit out of whack this time due to constant funny squabbles. I'm going to try to run through it by course to give you a better idea and not make us seem to insane.

From the appetizers and salads we ordered the Canapés with Roasted Veg off the monthly special menu, the Mozzarella and Arugula Salad with micro-greens.

Canapes with veggies

The canapés were a large quantity and filling along with being yum to wolf down. The Roasted veg was nicely cooked in a flavorful sauce which really impressed. If they have this when you visit don't hesitate to order it.

Mozzarella salad with ripe cherry tomatoes and arugula

The Salad could have been better overall, while the Mozzarella was fresh the dressing wasn't tart enough to be something which tied the dish together which is what one would expect when it's such a simple dish. Order if you like a generous portion of uncooked Mozzarella but avoid otherwise.

From the Mains on the menu we decided to sample the Goat Cheese Pizza and the Goat Cheese stuffed Ravioli with Fire Roasted Corn in Tomato Sauce.

Goat cheese pizza with scallions and olives

Starting with the strictly meh the goat cheese pizza is very avoidable, surprising considering the amount of platitudes I had heard about the pizzas in general from a lot of people. For this pizza in particular the sauce was nice and the goat cheese was salty and creamy the way one would expect. However the big let down was the base. Flat, devoid of any kind of character and tasteless. This wouldn't really be a dish I would personally order again, but an aunt of mine said that their Margherita was extremely good.So I'm hoping this issue with the base was just a one off.

Ravioli with fire roasted corn and tomato basil sauce

The Raviolli on the other hand was extremely nice, with a nice roasted flavour on the corn and the  salty goats cheese filling was a winner for us. With the tomato Sauce that came along with it perfectly complimenting the flavor of the delicate parcels of pasta inside

My dad ordered Garlic Bread to go along with the pasta and while it came cold initially was promptly replaced with a hot one without complaint or a second question. Always a good thing to see.

Post this we were all a bit full and decided to skip dessert to ensure our waistlines don't broaden more than they already have.

Damages to the wallet were in the region of Rs 750 a head, will try to update with a more exact figure whenever I can.

Overall with a few hits and one big miss, Woodside Inn is a place I recommend you visit atleast once. I'm certainly coming again and hoping to sample some of the boozy stuff next time too.

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