Say Cheese - Quick Bite Review

Having food at a tiny joint tucked away somewhere serving delicious food is one of the most fundamental ways of consuming food for any true Bambaiya ;-)

So it too was true for me before a screening of the Hunger Games (Fabulous!) at Central Plaza (Avoidable)

Hunger in our tummies we headed for Say Cheese which is a tiny joint but was over flowing with people already.

To start off we ordered a Mushroom Schezwan Roll. Spicy, tangy and with a distinctively indo-schezwan taste it was a juicy plump roll to be had.  Though at a different outlet the better half has said that the rolls can be a bit dry, hence at different outlets your mileage may vary.

Babycorn Chilli

Being in a fun mood we decided to go for the Baby corn Chilli next. Full of flavour with the spice not over powering the flavour of the baby corn this was a good dish to have. However would it be something I would repeat each time? Not too sure about that.

Mongolian Pizza

With bellies filling up now we decided to go all out and end on a Mongolian Pizza. Crisp base, Bubbling with cheese and stuffed with filling this was an unexpected happy surprise for me. Did nothing for my diet though :-P. The filling was flavourful and once again tasted distinctive from the earlier dishes. With a slightly deeper sense of spice though it's something which might leave most people reaching for a glass of water.

An important point to note though is that there is a massive amount of oil in all the sauces that they used. While it didn't feel oily on the palate it did on the fingers and would be something to think about if your on any kind of diet for sure.

All this in a very reasonable Rs 290. Leaving us with a full tummy and smiling faces.

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