Burgs, Ghatkopar - Food Delivery Review

For me sadly Burgers outside home have always meant McDonald's. They are cheap and easy on a students pocket and well pretty much standard as far as taste is concerned no matter where you go.

Having grown up a bit though the thought of trying out other places and evaluating their wares has been creeping up on me.

To my joyous surprise, a mid day craving for sustenance led my aunt to decide that we must order food to office. We quickly settled on Burgs which very conveniently had opened up a shop not far from work and delivered too. Thank you karma ;-)

The items to be devoured you might ask? A combo with a smokey treat, Cola float fizz and a side of Fries was ordered.

Delivery was pretty quick, but don't read too much into that as we were literally a hop skip and jump away from R City where the outlet was.

Smoky Cottage Cheese Burger with Coke Float and Fries

Packing was the standard brown bag but managed to impress me as I liked the graphic on the front and the paper quality was good too.

In terms of appearance and size the burger was  attractive and large in size. Easily one to fill your tummy a bit. The burger was a cottage cheese patty with herbs, topped with smokey chipotle mayo, onions and tomato.

Flavour wise the burger delivered on all fronts with distinguishable flavours present which is always a good thing in any dish. The lower burger bun however while nice and soft was too thick and reduced the after taste to a more bready one. I hope they reduce the thickness just a smidgen to make it even better.

The Cola float fizz was a shockingly good one which caught me totally off guard. With a creamy start and a distinct Cola finish it's easily on my list of must haves. The better half who is a big fan of coke floats has been made a happy camper with this news :-P

The Fries which came along with the combo were too limp and lacking salt for my tastes. Maybe that's due to being stored in the paper bag where the steam being let off from hot fries can cause them to become limp. Perhaps the fresh ones would fare better? That's going to need a trip to the store. Expect an update when that happens.

Price wise found Rs. 199 for the combo extremely reasonable and well worth it. Definitely a lunch time hunger buster option filed away to be used more often.