Auriga - Restaurant Review

The occasional dinner date is coveted time with the better half.It allows us to enjoy some conversation over (hopefully) yummy food and finally have some one on one time. An increasingly precious commodity given the hectic schedules this city of ours imposes on us.

While initial plans were to try out Smoke House Deli at Phoenix, a quick brain storm for a good South Asian place to try out; led to a course correction and we ended up at Auriga.

Nestled away in the lane behind Famous studios it's on the way to Mahalaxmi from North Bombay. I almost missed the approach road though and needed some guidance from a taxi driver coupled with some quick reversing to ensure that a painful trip to the crowded Mahalaxmi Signal was avoided.

It's located right opposite the Star Network office if that makes understanding the location easier for you.

Built on two levels with a Lounge cum Bar area located below with the Main dining area up above the design is Modern and sharp with monochrome interiors and a nice bar area both above and below

As we were really early to arrive we were immediately seated and given individual attention. Have heard a few reports of them getting a tad overwhelmed during rush hours and if I get the opportunity to visit during that time I will be sure to give you guys an update.

To start off we were introduced to the Auriga Dimsums and Tea festival which was going on at the time. With a miniscule portion of 4 dumplings with a cup each of herbal tea on offer we thought it was way too steep at 400 bucks a pop and decided to skip on this.

With the recommendation of the steward we decided to go for the Broccoli and Water Chestnut Cigarillos with Sweet Chilli dipping Sauce and the Lotus Root and Broccoli in Sweet Chilli Sauce with Peanut.

Broccoli and Water Chestnut Cigarillos

Some dishes are meant to be eaten only on unison with their accompaniments and this was certainly the case with the Cigarillos. Presented attractively in a wooden bucket, Individually they were nice but nothing to rave about. However when paired with the sauce they came with the taste was elevated to a different level all together. Crunchy, sweet and spicy all in one bite. We polished all four off in record time.

Lotus Root and Broccoli in Sweet Chilli Sauce with Peanut

Next up was the Lotus Root and Broccoli in Sweet and Spicy Sauce. With the Sweet and Spicy Sauce coating the Crispy and crunchy bits of lotus Roots well with out over powering them or leaving them limp this was a nice dish. However the peanut flavour which was supposed to be there was lacking.

Thai Rice with Vegetables @ Auriga

While traditionally in a South Asian restaurant a main course would be a curry with a rice or noodles for us, the steward recommended that we try something different and go for the Thai Rice with Vegetables. Now having had a meal in a pot before I thought this would be some variation. However when it arrived at the table it seemed to be just a dry dish with only the rice. Immediately thoughts of calling for another dish sprang to my mind. At the urging of the better half though we ventured to give this one a try before going on to order something.

Boy was I glad we did that. Dry it might be; but lacking in punch and flavour? Not at all. With a delicate Jasmine fragrance erupting from the rice as soon as you spoon some onto your plate to the subtle spice of a distinctly Thai nature which dance across your palate when you taste it, this dish was a winner for sure.

While those among you who really relish having a tad more gravy with your food will find it dry. I urge you to at least give it a shot before you order one.

Desert didn't seem to interesting and both of us aren't really fans of South Asian deserts so we decided to skip to By The Way for some Apple Pie. An update about that will arrive soon.

One of the real shockers (in a good way) for me though was the price. At approximately 425 per head for this meal it was one of the more reasonable ones we have had recently even when you compare places like Cream Center and Relish.

This makes it a must visit as it has a trifecta of advantages : Good Ambience, Great food and reasonable prices. The portion sizes though seem optimised for couples so beware of that while ordering.

Wallet Effect : Around 700 per head for a larger meal than we had


Dr B E Moses Road, Famous Studio Lane, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

Contact Number: 022 30932030 ext:904

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