By The Way - Quick Bite Review

A great way to wrap up a date is to make sure you have a great desert. With both the better half and me not being a fan of Asian Deserts we decided to skip that part at Auriga (read the review here) and go across town to By The Way to sample some of their apple pie which was long over due. What's a memorable date without some spur of the moment decisions eh?

Located right opposite Happiness Deli and Right next to the Gamdevi Police Station. By The Way is a quaint little unassuming joint which is very well known for its Parsi food in particular.

While this review is focused only on the Apple pie because that's all we had there I'm already itching to come and gorge on a full dinner here soon to give you all and my stomach a more complete picture of the place.

In terms of ambience it's simple with out being boring. With art work for sale adorning the walls all done by a charity organisation (forgot the name sorry) it lends itself a very warm and cozy feeling

Apple Pie w/ Ice Cream @ By The Way

The Apple pie it self was wonderful with a nice crisp crust and firm pie topping with a caramelly flavour on the apples which were sweet it seemed due to seeping in their own juices and being slowly cooked rather than artificially sweetened. I personally thought the cinnamon flavor could have been just a tad more pronounced though. That is a very personal preference though.

Served warm with a scoop of ice cream is the recommended way to indulge in this for sure.

Priced at a very reasonable Rs 80 for the pie  this desert run brought a smile to our faces.

Address: Pandita Ramabai Road, Next To Gamdevi Police Station, Gamdevi, Grant Road Area, Mumbai

Contact Number: 022 23803532, 022 23808005

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