Veg Fajita Burrito @ Big Daddy, Sterling - Quick Bite Review

Recently I had the pleasure of catching Wolf of Wall Street at Sterling Cineplex. On a non working saturday the combination of Leonardo, Scorcese and 100 buck tickets was just too good to miss. On a movie front I'm extremely glad that I didn't miss out on it. Leonardo's performance was one the finest I have seen in his career and Jonah Hill proved time and again that he can really act.

However this review is not about the Movie (though I recommend you catch it). It is however about the bite that I had during the interval which fell squarely around Lunch time as the movie had started @ 11:50.

Well the first thing to strike me as a bit off was right at the stage of ordering, what is a Veg. Fajita Burrito? I mean is it two dishes or one? The thought was quickly dismissed though as one of those quirks which is par for the course when eating at a theater quick eat stand.

The item was ordered to be delivered to the seat, so I have no idea of what it looked like apart from what I could tell from touch, so I'm going to try to describe my "touch" impression to you.

Tightly wrapped in Aluminum Foil the burrito came along with two containers of sauce. The burrito itself when removed from the aluminum foil was wrapped in a slightly thick flour tortilla, which was soft to the touch yet tightly wrapped around the edges.

Coming to the accompaniments one of the dips was a slightly creamy, tangy thick one, which I'm assuming was their attempt at having a Sour Cream to go along with the burrito. It was pleasant to the taste and was the main one we had with the burrito.

The second one was their play on Chilli Sauce, which I personally didnt like at all. Too sour and not much else I'm not sure what they were going at and only tried it once before setting it aside.

The flavour of the burrito was inoffensive on the whole. With the beans mushy and the vegetables limp but discernible at least. The Pico De Gayo they claimed to have put inside wasnt something that I could taste to be honest, perhaps it was the movie though which had captured my attention more.

So while the meal (well just the burrito constituted a meal in this case) wasn't bad it wasn't great either. Easily something avoidable in case the Subway counter is free or something which can be ordered when its over flowing and you really need something to order to your seat.

At 170 bucks in a theater food court I'm okay with the price to which falls in line with the kind of markups these places need to have to turn a profit.


Sterling Cineplex Food Court, Murzban Road, Fort, Mumbai

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