Chili's Powai - Restaurant Review

Meeting up with buddies you have had stand by your side is always a fun experience and for that Chili's at Powai is the perfect spot. Especially if you have a friend who works in Credit Suisse ;-) It's Located near the new Starbucks that has just opened up off the main circle.

From the outside it looks pretty unassuming and I wasn't really sure what to expect one I went in. Obviously there was this huge banner talking about Tex-Mex food just out side the entrance so I guessed that much but as to the taste? No idea. However on the recommendation of the above mentioned Credit Suisse friend in we went.

With a Bar smack dang in the middle as soon as you walk in and tables nicely spread around the remaining space, it was warm and inviting in a very bright way. Something I liked given that most places nowadays tend to go for the more sophisticated subdued lighting effects. Variety is good when it comes to restaurant decors.

To start an evening in a non alcoholic manner with these guys is paramount to sacrilege especially when there are happy hours on :P  So beer and whiskey was ordered for all. On a side note Teachers 50 Years is extremely smooth, do try it if you get the chance. 

Quesedila Salad @ Chili's

To start off with we ordered meant to order the Quesidilla Salad, But the waiter misheard and we got the Quesdillas instead. The dish looked appetizing enough so we thought what the heck lets just give it a try eh.  Coming to the flavour of the dish the Caramalized Onions and Cheese Stuffing in the Quesidillas themselves were really nice with the wrap which surrounded it firm without being chewy. The accompanying beans were flavourful and full of that mexican zing which I love. However on a sour note the rice was a bit hard and clumped together, wasnt expecting free flowing rice like you see in a Biryani or Pulao but this was obviously made far in advance and stored to be dished out while serving.

BBQ Paneer Salad @ Chili's

For the salad we had the barbeque Paneer Salad with Ranch dressing. Now I'm not a big fan of ranch dressing in general and this time didn't exactly win me over either. 

In any case the dressing was a bit too sparse to really allow it to tie things together. The Paneer was a but firm and the BBQ glaze on top tasted almost like a caramel glaze not enough smoke and flavour to differentiate it at all. The salad leaves were fresh though so that's a plus I guess. 

Veg Enchiladas @ Chili's

Always loving a good enchilada we decided to go for them opting for their veg bean Enchiladas. Lo and behold though what turned up at our table had me questioning whether the waiter had misheard yet again. Upon query were told that this is indeed their enchilada. Now allowances for creative expression are always there but my mind was screaming burrito instead of enchilada cause there was no sauce at all.

Coming down to the taste. The filling was nice and flavourful with the caramelised onions once again shining through the beans and salsa enclosed inside. The beans themselves were well cooked and not mush which is always a concern. The tortilla around it could have been thinner and seemed prepared well in advance.

With a couple of large drinks and beers this merry meeting burned in the region of 1000 bucks per head with happy hour rules. So not the most reasonable but if your looking for a cheesy mexicany fix during happy hours this is definitely a place to visit

Wallet Effect: Around a 1000 bucks per head with alcohol and happy hour rates.


13, Ventura Building, Hiranandani Business Park, Central Avenue Road, Powai, Mumbai

Contact Number: 022 67419002, 022 67419003

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