Sancho's Cantina, Colaba - Restaurant Review

Well any date night out with the better half is always enjoyable due to the company. However it's always nice to go to a great place to eat too. Having heard quite a but about Sancho's Cantina from friends we decided to give the Colaba Outlet a try.

How was the food? Well read on to find out.

The space is located in the lane next to old Colaba Staple Cafe Mondegar. It's easy to miss though so be sure to look for it just before you take a turn to go to Gordon House hotel.

As soon as one enters we see a space that used to be 5 all day Cafe looking very welcoming. With the walls coloured in a Dark Goldish shade it gave out a old western kinda vibe. Perfect for Mexican food.

Running full even on a Tuesday night I totally recommend you reserve a table before hand.

We were ushered up to the upper seating area and thankfully didn't have to wait for long.

Special mention must be made at this point for the staff at Sancho's. Super courteous and honest with their menu suggestions they were a pleasure to deal with.

Our Table was comfy and not too small, something which has increasingly become a concern for me when we are given table's for two.

Tortilla Soup @ Sancho's Cantina, Colaba

To start off with we were ordered the Tortilla Soup. Now my mother makes an excellent clear Tortilla soup with corn and tortilla chips thrown in. With the misguided notion that this would be something similar we ordered it.

Turned out this soup was nothing like it, heavy almost like a Cream of Tomato with just a few stringy bits of Tortilla's thrown on top this was a real disappointment. There was something very unsatisfying about it overall in terms of taste also. Not something I would recommend you have again.

Fiesta Nachos @ Sancho's Cantina, Colaba

Having had a ton of friends visit Sancho's in the past we were pretty set on trying out the Fiesta Nacho's and boy am I glad we did. What came to us was a large plate piled high with nachos with Cheese, Sour Cream and Salsa on a bed of beans. Yummmyyyyyy is the one word which continues to spring to my mind when I think about it. The beans were not over spiced or mushy, the Salsa was fresh, the cheese was generous and the chips were crisp. Over all a complete winner.

Sauteed Veggie Burrito @ Sancho's Cantina, Colaba

Following this we were feeling a teeny tiny bit satiated hence decided to keep it simple and on the waiters recommendation went for the Sauteed veggies Burrito. It was really good. Arriving well wrapped and looking nice and plump it was a delight to bite into. The veggies were not limp and the rice wasn't mushy. Flavour wise everything was spot on. 

On asking for extra salsa we were nicely offered a complimentary plate of Salsa, Mango salsa and Sour cream. Weirdly the extra accompaniments showed up on the bill too, as free but still odd no? Coming back to the taste of the accopaniments they were all really good. Now I hate mango's with a vengeance but the better half doesn't and was of the firm opinion that anyone who does will go gaga for the mango salsa. Go crazy you mango loving weirdo's :P

Sadly they didn't have an eggless desert other than the chocolate nachos and that wasn't something we wanted to try. However the next day they did reach out on twitter and tell us that we can ask for an eggless Tres Leches a day in advance and they will prepare it for us. That's definitely something we will be doing next time.

The damages for the evening were Rs. 1272/- which I feel is a tad bit on the expensive side but then everything in bombay is getting expensive so par for the course yeah?


022 65552426


Behind Apollo Hotel, Colaba, Mumbai

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