Bohemyan Blue Cafe, Alibaug - Restaurant Review

Time out with the boys is always relished, especially when you have been friends for as long as my group has. Well with that in mind we headed over to the weekend getaway of Alibaug for our first trip together despite knowing each other for an astounding 8+ years. Sad I know for this to have taken so long. Let me tell you though it was totally worth it.

We stayed at the idyllic Sai Inn Resort and were pleasantly pleased with the space (or at least I was, knowing my group I wasn't expecting anything half decent also :P )

While Alibaug has great beaches and pretty views, I haven't really heard much about the food on offer there. Especially for a Vegetarian (apparently the fish fry is amazing at quite a few places).

Thankfully one of the boys knew about this small little quaint space called the Bohemyan Blue Cafe. Its located bang opposite the Fountain Head training centre established by Edelweiss.

How was the space and what did we think about the food? Well read on to find out.

The Cafe is located at the back of a beautifully built rustic looking bungalow, which greets you with the soft chimes of a Wind chime as soon as you enter the space.

The bungalow also houses a clothes boutique which we skipped entirely but I'm sure the girls in your group will enjoy browsing its wares.

Bohemyan Blue Entrance @ Alibaug
Entrance @ Bohemyan Blue, Alibaug
Overhang Area @ Bohemyan Blue, Alibaug
Sitting Area @ Bohemyan Blue, Alibaug

The vibe as you can see above is very chilled out hipsterish and its one that the space lends its self to really really well. Its the perfect place to lay back unwind and just let your worries go for an entire afternoon.

Now I know that the menu to a place like this can be very hard to find so here it is for you.

Menu Part 1 @ Bohemyan Blue, Alibaug
Menu Part 2 @ Bohemyan Blue, Alibaug

Now we are absolute beasts when it comes to eating food so we had a ton of it. Thankfully that means we ended up sampling almost everything veg off the menu (Including a wee bit of non veg by the guys who were so inclined).

Mushroom Toast @ Bohemyan Blue, Alibaug

To start off with we ordered something which was on the specials board for the day. The mushroom toast was a toasted sandwich stuffed with a spiced mushroom masala. The bread was soft and the musrooms tasted just like my mother would make them. Brought a very homely vibe to start off the meal with.

Ginger Iced Tea @ Bohemyan Blue, Alibaug

A cool refreshing drink on a hot day is a must and the Ginger Iced Tea ordered by a friend was perfect for this. It tasted extremely fresh and not at all store bought or prepared from a Lipton Mix. The ginger flavour was mild but served to complement the flavour of the drink really well.

Hummus with Pita Bread @ Bohemyan Blue, Alibaug

Next up was the Hummus platter with Pita bread. The hummus was really nice and well spiced with just the right amount of oil in it. Too much and it tends to leave a cloying taste on the tongue which is a big no no for me. The pita bread was not good at all. Too tough and chewy in texture. A friend pointed out post the trip that it was because it had another grain mixed into the flour as well as wheat but I didn't care for it even after knowing that. Order just the hummus if you can.

French Fries @ Bohemyan Blue, Alibaug

The french fries were coated in a herb powder and tasted really good. A repeat order was warranted for them but as we had already ordered a ton of food we avoided it this time. They came hot and fresh from the frying pan yet didn't seem too oily, always a good thing to see. The salsa provided with them was nice too.

Cold Coffee @ Bohemyan Blue, Alibaug

Another drink we sampled was the Cold Coffee, which was too thin and not enough coffee flavour. Lets move on from this quickly.

Pesto Pasta @ Bohemyan Blue, Alibaug

The pesto pasta was ordered with a lot of expectations however completely disappointed all of us. The basil was way too bitter and the sauce just lacked taste overall. Not something I would order again at all. The salad provided with it though was fresh and a treat to have.

Aloo Parotha @ Bohemyan Blue, Alibaug

One can never really go wrong with an Aloo Parotha right? I certainly believe that you can't. The aloo paratha here reinforced my belief. A soft covering stuffed with flavourful aloo it was gobbled up super quick.

Arabiatta Pasta @ Bohemyan Blue, Alibaug

The Arabiatta pasta was a nice surprise and well cooked, unexpected by me due to the disaster that was the pesto one. The sauce was midly flavoured and a joy to eat.

Tomato Basil Sandwich @ Bohemyan Blue, Alibaug

The Tomato Basil sandwich was one of the last items on our order and tasted really good. Not too much one can do wrong with such a classic combo though is there?

Grilled Veggies @ Bohemyan Blue, Alibaug

Every time I think about this dish it makes me laugh as it was one of the first ones to be ordered but was the last one to come on the table, that too after repeatedly asking them for it. However it was an amazing way to end the meal. The veggies had a nice glaze about them and were extremely nicely grilled in the oven. A clean flavour with just a hint of balsamic came through and was appreciated by all.

Bohemyan Blue is a must go when you are on your next trip to Alibaug. I say this not only due to all the vegetarian food we gorged on but also for the Non-Veg food which my friends said was really good too. Go for the chilled out vibe, the board games that they allow you to play, to just sit and relax in and let your worries melt away.

The wallet effect of this one was quite heavy with the bill coming upto Rs. 3600 if I remember correctly. Not a penny badly spent though and something I would gladly indulge in again.

The Contact details are there in the first photo so reach out to them there, be warned though that getting an auto back to anywhere from this way is an extremely tough task.

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