Princess, NSCI, Haji Ali - Restaurant Review

In Bombay being part of a Gymkhana like institution is a great privilege, almost something which should be listed as an attribute on a marriage classifieds ad. Beautiful Girl wanted Homely and with a Gymkhana membership. It might sound funny but I'm being serious here, especially due to the rarity of getting membership in one of these hallowed spaces along with the exorbitant fees one has to pay if your considered eligible.

I'm lucky though to know many people whose parents were smart enough to pay up when they had the chance at much more reasonable rates and have since managed to pass the membership along like some sort of family heirloom.

One of the best known and arguably one of the best in terms of infrastructure is the National Sports Club of India better known as NSCI located near Haji Ali Dargah.

The club has 2 in-house restaurants Maharaja and Princess along with a bar called Blue Bar and two Coffee shops. Quite the selection for foodies eh?

When we decided to go the restaurant was full so we were seated outside in the garden area. Always a delight when the season allows it. Made all the more wonderful in my opinion by the cats which were meandering around the lawns.

To start off with we ordered the Paneer Tikka and Crispy Potato.

Paneer Tikka @ Princess, NSCI, Haji Ali

The Paneer was soft and well coated with the marinade and kept in the tandoor for just the right amount of time. It was a complete delight to have and I could have easily polished off a couple of more plates of the same if given the choice.

Crispy Potato @ Princess, NSCI, Haji Ali

Now I was told that the crispy potato is usually extremely firey (which I love) due to which at the ordering stage itself my friends asked for a mild version of it. Now as a mild version it was really nice with the fries crisp and the sauce flavourful. However if your a spicy food aficionado like be be brave and order the regular spicy one, going by the taste of this one I'm sure you wont be disappointed.

The beer as you can see in the background was a bit on the expensive side at Rs.150 for a large bottle. Now I say this with the knowledge that usually in Gymkhanas the alcohol is really cheap and for me this was a bit overpriced. Outside at a regular bar these would have been throwaway prices.

Paneer Kadai @ Princess, NSCI, Haji Ali

For the main course we had the Paneer Kadai with Garlic Naan for me and Butter Kulcha for the other friend who was partaking in the feast. I'm a complete paneer lover so I adored the dish which thankfully wasn't overly oily like some of the Indian gravies that are coming out of restaurants these days. The garlic naan was crisp and flavourful without becoming rubbery even after cooling down for a bit, a good sign that one rarely sees.

Jain Crispy Veg @ Princess, NSCI, Haji Ali

Now this is something I didn't sample but a jain friend ordered and said it was spicy and yum to have. The crispy veg were a mix of Babycorn, Cauliflower and some other veggies.

Desert @ Princess, NSCI, Haji Ali

Now I was stuffed by the end but valuable sources told me that the Kulfi and Gulab Jamun were really good so I'm going to recommend that you try them when you visit.

Wallet Damages were 200 bucks for the food per head, 150 bucks to enter as a guest and 300 for the 2 bottles of beer. Not a bad night in my opinion for sure.

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