Lemon Grass, Bandra - Quick Bite Review

Many times in life there are these restaurants you really like but due to some reason or the other don't end up going there very often. This could be due to the fact that its too far away, other family members aren't too inclined to try it out or just the fact that you didn't end up going there and forgot about it.

This is kind of what happened with me when I think about Lemon Grass in Bandra. My first introduction to the chain was when they had this quaint little space in Phoenix which later shut shop. I had a chance again to sample their wares when I went to Bandra some time later however since then I haven't visited them.

So when my close friend decided to con me into leaving the house to help him do some vasooli :P we ended up going to Bandra and saw it pass by. Immediately I ended up wanting to go there, to see if the food was still like I remembered.

Now we were just two of us and he wasn't in the mood for dinner so this one is going to be a quick bite review having ordered only one dish and a drink.

The place is located at the curbside of one of the roads of Bandra and is a place which has both internal seating and a patio like seating outside. The place isn't too big so can get crowded pretty quick. However isn't that the case with most eateries in Bombay these days?

We sat down and ordered for the Ice Tea for the mate first.

Iced Tea @ Lemon Grass, Bandra

It was nice and refreshing, not too sweet or strongly flavoured. Well thats about all you can say about an iced tea isn't it? Order one if you're not in the mood for Sweet Lime with Soda.

For the mains I decided to try my hand at make your own stir fry.

Make your own Stir Fry @ Lemon Grass, Bandra

The sauce I chose was the Chilli Garlic Coriander with the base being Brown Rice. Now its a bit odd for me to choose the Brown Rice base but I'm trying to go on a health kick you see ;) . I also chose the Shitake mushroom add on.

The veggies were nice and crisp with nothing feeling stale and left over, which is a big achievement considering we were coming during dinner rush hour. The sauce had a definite chilli and garlic kick to it but for the life of me I couldn't taste the coriander, maybe they should just rename the sauce. The brown rice were cooked through really well and lent a nice heartiness to the meal.

The portions are deceptively large and a single stirfry should be enough for two people easily. Always a good thing to write about when other places are lowering portion sizes in an attempt to reign in costs.

All in all a very satisfying meal which has put Lemon Grass back on my radar and steeled my resolve to not let it drop of the radar again.

The damages to the wallet were 550 Rupees. Decent considering that we were really full with just one dish.


022 26551291, 022 26511217


4, Carlton Court, Turner Pali Road Junction, Bandra West, Mumbai

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