Dimsums @ Tart, Napean Sea Road - Quick Bite Review

It seems odd doesn't it to be reading a review for Dimsums from a bakery. Its almost like brain saying does not "compute.... error.... error...." Well it is odd and I was surprised when me and the better half landed up there on the eve of her birthday after being chased away by cops for just sitting in the car (another rant for another day my friend).

The thing which made it even more weird for me was the fact that the I had wanted to visit the space ever since it opened up to sample the delicious desserts on offer but never ended up doing so. Either it was too late and it was shut or I was always running out of time as I was in a hurry to reach somewhere.

Odds things seem to happen together I guess.

Dim Sums @ Tart, Napean Sea Road

Coming to the Dimsums themselves they were decently sized with thin wrappers all around apart from the folds where they were hard to the point of being difficult to cut through with a fork. This is after the attendant at the shop heated them for us. I shudder to think of what they would be like cold if one to ever attempt that.

The stuffing inside the dumpling was a spiced veggie paste which was smooth and seemed okay. Well we were eating dim sums at a bakery so my expectations weren't sky high in the first place.

At a price of 100 bucks for three in a non restaurant setting I found them expensive. A price point of Rs. 70 would have been more to my liking.

Do I advise trying them out? Well you could try to , but I don't think I'm going to be so brave again. I hear their pastries are fantastic though so that is something I have to try soon.


022 33487813


Alaknanda Building, 16, Nepean Sea Road,

Malabar Hill

, Mumbai

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