Only Parathas, Linking Road, Bandra - Restaurant Review

Now usually my family is a bit too lazy to venture out all the way to Bandra for a meal. Why you might ask isn't she the queen of the Burbs and all that? Well yeah she is but there is just a mental barrier in our townie heads that its all the way thereeeee.

In truth though in terms of raw distance it is hardly farther than Nariman Point from my house and that fact is fast sinking in to me at least. So after a little bit of pushing and reasoning that the Sea Link exists for a reason and we should contribute to its upkeep by at least using it once in a while; my parents agreed.

My grandmother (who I love to bits) was accompanying us that day and with her come a lot of restrictions about where one can eat, so that it suits her palate, is hopefully pure veg and serves good jain food.

I honestly didn't know many places like that in Bandra where the populace is a lot more cosmopolitan and meat oriented than the Gujju and Marwari dominated south. What ensued was a couple of hurried phone calls to relatives who knew the area well and Only Parathas was chosen.

Located on Linking Road, the space is actually split into two levels, the lower one being Amritsari Tadka which serves Non-Vegetarian food also on the ground floor and Only Parathas which serves pure Veg food up top.

The place is nice and spaced out with white walls and a good vibe to it.

One of the most commendable things at this restaurant is the sheer size of the menu. I say this not because it strays from its only parathas name and offers Italian and Chinese also. The reason I'm stumped by the size of the menu is because of the sheer variety of Parathas you can offer here. If you can dream up a veg combination of the ingredients they have on offer its almost certainly on the menu.

This rather than being heartening ends up being confusing for someone like me who is going there for the first time. I would have preferred only ones which really taste good to be there.

Paneer Tikka @ Only Parathas, Khar

To start off with we ordered the Paneer Tikka which was came with nice large chunks of Paneer which were soft and pillowy covered with a nicely spiced marinade too.

With our hopes buoyed we ventured forth to order the main course.

Now being on the slight health kick I decided lets order the tandoori Parathas rather than the regular shallow fried ones. Now before I get into the disaster that was my meal one warning DO NOT ORDER THE TANDOORI LOW CAL OPTION!!!

Did that seem like I was shouting to ensure you heard it? Yup that's exactly the effect I was going for.

Paratha 2 @ Only Parathas, Khar
Paratha 1 @ Only Parathas, Khar

Okay so we started off with the Cheese and Garlic Parotha which was okay as long as it was hot. As soon as it cooled down even slightly the cheese became less oozy and more rubber tire like.

The next one was a Paneer and something I can't quite remember which should tell you enough about the amount that I liked it.

My grandmother went for the Paneer and Beans Jain option which was okayish. All the parathas are accompanied with a Chole which was bland and not nice, a black dal which was okayish and a raita which was decent.

All in all not a place I would go to again and never for the low cal option unless I had a gun to my head.

Damages were approximately Rs. 1000/-


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Hotel New Castle, 355, Linking Road, Khar, Mumbai