The White Owl, One India Bulls, Elphinstone Road - Restaurant Review

The White Owl Brewery and Bistro is a space I've had a funky history with. Never being able to go for dinner here but having experienced crazy and memorable nights here nonetheless due to their crazy Saturday nights which come along oh so often. This time however visiting the space was to celebrate the occasion of the Birthday of the better half. Not the first choice mind you but definitely one I was glad to have made.

The space is located on the ground floor of the One India Bulls building. It has The Lazy Dog as a neighbour (cheap drinks ftw!). In the same complex but in another building there is also the F-Bar a popular nightspot which sadly I haven't had the chance of visiting yet.

The space itself is dominated by a Bar in the center backed by some gorgeous looking Beer fermentation vats. The bar also has a T shaped elongation on the side, perfect for some bar side encounters. the space sadly hasn't yet got its beer brewing license (a pity since its been quite a while and the Barking deer seem to have got theirs).

The decor of the space is definitely eclectic to say the least but translates well. With a bicycle on one wall and old fuse switches dominating the other they are subtle elements but playful in their own way. The tones they seem to have gone for are pretty dark though. Not gloomy mind you just a bit dark.

Lloyd's Cup @ The White Owl Brewery and Bistro, Lower Parel

To start off the meal and some conversation we decided to go for the Lloyd's Cup to kick start things off.

Watermelon being the fruit of the season was provided. It was nicely muddled with plump juicy pieces inside the drink itself. The mint wasn't too dominant but left a nice taste in the mouth.

Gourmet Jacket Potatoes @ The White Owl Brewery and Bistro, Lower Parel

To start off the food we decided to be adventurous and go for the Gourmet Jacket Potatoes which sounded exotic and let me happily say they delivered flavour in spades.

The flavours were Mustard and Emmenthal, Spinach Garlic and Emmenthal with the third being Sour Cream and chives. Classic flavour combinations all off them. This is actually one dish I'm hoping to replicate when friends come over.

Jalapeno Cheese Poppers @ The White Owl Brewery and Bistro, Lower Parel

Next on our list were the Jalapeno Cheese Poppers which were just average to be honest. I couldn't feel the heat of the Jalapenos at all which is quite disappointing. The garlic and chilly aioli was nice as something to dab onto the side of them.

Caramelised Tomato Risotto @The White Owl Brewery and Bistro, Lower Parel

Next in our sights was the Caramelised Tomato Risotto which came with stir fried green beans, and a healthy dollop of mascarpone cheese. The flavour was extremely cheesy and creamy with just a hint of tomato flavour just the way I like it. If you are looking for more dominant veggie flavour to come through you might be a bit disappointed.

Whole Wheat Penne @ The White Owl Brewery and Bistro, Lower Parel

Accompanying the risotto we called for the Whole wheat penne. This was pretty ordinary with not much to describe. Ever eaten a red sauce pasta? Well this is the same.

Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli @ The White Owl Brewery and Bistro, Lower Parel

One of my favourite dishes of the night is next. The roasted pumpkin ravioli with a beautifully aromatic hazelnut butter sauce. Not everyone likes pumpkin however on our table everyone was praising this dish. The smoothness of the pumpkin inside the delicate ravioli was exquisite. I would return for this dish alone.

Mediterranean Vegetable Burger @ The White Owl Brewery, India Bulls One

Still left a bit hungry we opted for the Mediterranean Vegetable Burger next and what a whopper it turned out to be. Served with a side of thickly cut french fries and served with crispy onion rings on top of the patty the burger was a handful but really nice on the palate. The patty was a well spiced mix of veggies. Definitely try this one out.

Having underestimated the size of the burger we were finally stuffed and didn't try the desert, thats what repeat visits are for though :P

Damages to the wallet were around Rs.650 per head. Very worth it in my opinion.


PHONE:022 24210231 ADDRESS: Lobby, Tower 2 B, One Indiabulls Center, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai

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