Play with your drink @ Mamagoto, Kalaghoda

Who amongst us hasn't wanted to try their hand behind the bar? You know whip up a cocktail for a sexy someone and impress them or even just do something cool like one sees in the movies.

Well we were given just this opportunity at Mamagoto's Kala ghoda outpost. It was a mingling of Food Bloggers and I got to meet some of my brethren for the first time.

The space itself is located just opposite the popular Paratha Mantra eatery at Kala Ghoda. With high ceilings and a distinctly quirky China Town tea house vibe the interiors are nice to look at. It is split into two levels with the upper mezzanine one holding most of the tables. I immediately pitied the poor waiters who have to run up and down every day.

View from the upper mezzanine floor @ Mamagoto, Kala Ghoda
Pretty Lights above the bar @ Mamagoto, Kala Ghoda

The event itself involved all the food bloggers being split into groups and creating our own drink. The drinks would then be judged and prizes given out for the best drink.

While I would have prefered a bit of education before throwing us right into the bar to make the drinks it was not to be.

There were a total of five teams who tried their hand at mixing it up. While I was too busy chatting to take photos of anything but my own drink I'm going to try to describe them to you below as best as I can.

The first team made a Orange martini with Vodka as the base alcohol, topped with Basil leaf, an orange twist and a splash of Orange Juice.

Next up was Team 2 who decided to go for an Asian Influence with the Sukho Thai and mixed in Basil, Kafir Leaves, Gin, Lime and Soda in a tall glass with crushed ice.

Team number three decided to mix and match flavours and gave us an interesting Gin based cocktail with a hint of cinnamon and Lemon grass.

My turn was with team number four which comprised of Branded Bawi , Salloni Aka Quirky Logic and Benaaz . Always fun to be the only guy amongst three girls eh?

Our Cocktail was the Pink Panther for which we chose to go the Watermelon Martini route with Vodka as the base alcohol. To start off we muddled the watermelon and to that added a smidgen of Basil syrup. We then added a squeeze of lemon juice and around 90 ml of vodka, mixed it all up with cubed not crushed ice and strained into into a martini glass. Simple na?

Pink Panther @ Mamagoto, Kala Ghoda

The winner for the day was definitely the next one by Team five which went way off base with a Whisky Scary which packed some serious heat. It involved Whisky with Black pepper, Basil leaves and lemon syrup with a chilli for garnish.

Crispy Veg @ Mamagoto, Kala Ghoda

Throughout the event they served us little tid bits to eat and while I only captured the crispy veg they were all pretty good. Not something Im going to review as this was a controlled event along with the fact that you really can't judge stuff too well when you're concentrating on mingling and chatting it up.

The other veg ones served were the Spring Rolls and Corn Fritters both with their own dips.

At the end of the event they did provide us with some cocktail gyaan (much needed in my case)

The pointers they gave us were as follows:

1) Whenever you use crushed ice in a drink it has to be drunk really fast, as the drink will dilute out too much and lose its flavour if kept for too long

2) Slapping the herbs to release their oils is usually enough for most herbs especially the stronger ones, and chopping them up into tiny pieces is a no-no as they might end up stuck in a patrons teeth.

3) The garnish on the cocktail should be indicative of whats inside the drink for the most effect.

4) Shaking the cocktails is only to mix flavours and 4-5 shakes is usually more than enough any more is dramabaazi (Its a lot of fun though believe me)

Overall the event was a lot of fun and resulted in me having some brilliant food conversation on the way back to churchgate station with A Common Man Dines and Speciality Chef

The event was held to promote their Make your own drink promotion that they kicked off on the 14th of April across Outlets. Details are as follows:

Play with your drink @ Mamagoto
Play with your drink @ Mamagoto

This definitely left me eager to visit for a proper meal and give this place the through review treatment.


PHONE:022 33488050 Table Reservation: Recommended ADDRESS: 5, Surya Mahal, Burjarji Bharucha Marg, Kalaghoda Fort, Mumbai

This coverage was part of an Event organized by the FBAI.