Thalassa, Vagator, Goa - Restaurant Review

Goa is a vacationers paradise in every sense of the word. From idyllic beaches and shacks to relax at to some of India's best nightclubs and casinos its got something for everyone. When there are such a plethora of experiences on offer foodies are well catered to too. From Authentic Pizzas at Fellini's to the groove and chill of Curlies across budgets and across tastes there is something for everyone.

One of the restaurants though which I have repeatedly heard of, read about and subsequently lusted after has been Thalassa.

Run by Mariketty Grana the space is located at the very edge of a cliff at little vagator which take a bit of driving to reach but once you do is completely worth it.

Extending all the way to the edge it seems like there is nothing but you and the beach with the subtle sounds of the ocean providing the perfect background score to the conversation.

Twinkling lights @ Thalassa, Goa

We were fortunate enough to be located at the edge of the restaurant and got the full ocean effect as well as an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the restaurant too.

At this point I must mention though that as pretty as the restaurant is I found the tables spaced a bit too closely to each other along with the fact that the waiters are a bit spaced out. We requested for water almost 6 times and were sadly left with parched throats.

Now before I dive into the food that we ordered I must warn you that I was severely limited due to the pickiness of the family members who accompanied us and that meant No Aubergine (Half the menu out the window), No Pasta (Remaining menu screams in terror) and No wine in the food (Risotto walks away with a huff).

So this review is NOT indicative of a true Thalassa experience, I'm going to have to visit it once again with a more accommodating crowd. I do feel though that the few dishes we did order are indicative of how the over all experience will be and hence am penning this down.

Lemon Iced Tea @ Thalassa, Goa

To quell our parched throats we ordered for the Lemon Iced Tea which was nice and refreshing, didn't seem too different from the regular ones available at any decent restaurant though.

Feta Salad @ Thalassa, Goa

Next up was the Gorgeous Feta salad which came layered with Olives, Feta Cheese, Fresh Salad leaves and of course feta cheese on top. I avoided the cucumber cause I hate the stuff but ordinarily its there for those who like it. The dressing was nice and light without being overpowering and offered a nice freshness to the dish.

Zucchini Fritters @ Thalassa, Goa

We then tried the Zucchini fritters which were over fried and super oily, something which totally turned all of us present off the dish. They were almost like bhajiyas and I would have expected a bit more finesse in the execution. Unfortunately the layer of batter on top was just too thick and they ended up short of expectations.

Giano-Tiko @ Thalassa, Goa

Soldiering on though we decided to go for the Giano-Tiko which was grilled Feta with Spiced Pita Bread and this was in my opinion a winner when it came to taste. The grilled feta just pairs wonderfully with the Spiced Pita bread to create a nice crispy yet chewy and creamy flavour on the tongue. Yummy. The portion though was too stingy though in hindsight we should have just ordered for a second portion.

Spana Korizo @ Thalassa, Goa

The last dish we ordered was the Spana Korizo aka Spinach Rice. With a vivid green colour and fragrant scent of Spinach this one held a lot of promise as soon as it hit the table and Im glad to report that it delivered too. The rice was firm without being hard and had some bite too it while the feta cheese and olive oil paired well with the Spinach flavour which dominated the dish. Simple cooking but nicely executed.

Sadly this journey ended here itself with the other members of my table having reached the limit of their experimentation and we set off from Sher-E-Punjab.

Hence a more detailed review awaits but I hope this has given you a good idea of what was on offer.

The damages were paid by someone else so I don't have an exact figure but a safe bet would be 900 bucks per person if you decide to visit.

Contact details will be added soon.

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