Make your own wok @ Five Fat Monks - Home Delivery Review

Across the world in every major city you are sure to find a space that does a quick healthy wok for a reasonable price and delivers it too. This is something which I was yet to find in Bombay and left me a bit sad. So imagine my happiness when I discovered Five Fat Monks in R-City, Ghatkopar just a stones throw away from my office.

Now this review is exclusively focused on one dish. The make your own wok that they feature as the mainstay.

The backstory to this isn't too exciting just an extreme craving for some healthy chinese one lunch day when the Dabbawalas had decided not to ply.

So I quickly browsed over to Delivery Chef and was happy to find that a new space I had been wanting to try out was on the delivery menu. You guessed right that space was Five Fat Monks.

Make your own wok @ Five Fat Monks, R-City, Ghatkopar

As you can see the food comes packed in these amazingly cute Chinese take out cartons which immediately make you think about those famous Chinese take out cartons which are so popular in New York.

My Wok itself was constructed from the following:

Plain noodles as the base with tofu added on as the protein. Broccoli, baby corn and button mushrooms were chosen as the three veggies. To tie it all together I decided to go for the Sapo sauce and opted for Coriander leaves, roasted peanuts and fried garlic as a garnish.

The beauty of any make your own dish is that the flavour which you are able to extract come down to your individual judgement as you have chosen the ingredients. So too was true for my dish. The Sapo was nice and Smoky with the broccoli and baby corn going well with the sauce. The mushrooms were a tad overwhelmed in the scheme of things.

One thing to remember though is that while the flavour is of your own making what ends up being supremely important is that the base flavours such as the sauces and freshness of ingredients is something the restaurant has to get bang on so that the patron has some room for error.

I'm glad to say that at least in the Sapo sauce Five Fat Monks delivered well in this regard. I'm sure this isn't going to be my last order from here and as I try more combinations in the time to come.

One small issue that I do have to point out though is that the peanuts should have been chopped not just tossed in.

Damages were 275+ tax for the Veggie Wok.

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