Francesco's, Lower Parel - Restaurant Review

It's always fun to go out in a group and meet up with family.The stories which come out and the laughs which follow make for memories of their own.

Unknowingly Francesco's became the Cosy backdrop for yet another one of our big gujju family ones and here's what I though about the space.

Franceso's Signboard @ Francesco's, Lower Parel

Located just opposite SkyZone at High Street Phoenix the space is a cozy space with white brick walls and two rows of tables. They have made very good use of the space and given it a café style feel with arm chairs to lounge in also if the mood so strikes you.

We had luckily made a reservation prior to coming as other wise looking at the popularity of the place it would have been difficult to get space for a large group.

Being a totally bhookad family we decided to dig in. Starting off with some starters.

Bruschetta @ Francesco's Pizzeria, Lower Parel

Bruschetta  was nice with fresh tomatos and basil going well on crusty bread with a dusting of Parmesan Cheese on top.

Pear and Arugula Ambrosia @ Francesco's Pizzeria, Lower Parel

Next up was a Pear and Arugula Ambrosia was extremely tasty with the Pears soft and succulent and Arugula providing a bit of a bite to the whole salad. The walnuts gave it that nice crunch.

Herbed Fries @ Francesco's Pizzeria, Lower Parel

Herbed Fries were delicious and served with a nice creamy aioli to go along with it. Definitely a dish the kids and kids at heart will love.

Insalata de Spinachi E Fungu @ Francesco's Pizzeria, Lower Parel

Insalata de Spinachi E Fungu was a disappointment. The dressing was hardly present and the mushrooms seemed to have been sliced and just served. I would have expected a slight Sautee just to concentrate the flavours but unfortunately that wasn't done.

Brutus Pizza @ Francesco's Pizzeria, Lower Parel

The Brutus Pizza was like having Ceasar's salad on a pizza. I always appreciate more crunch and croutons with my Salad so this was a total winner for me

Custom Jain Pizza with a Jain Sauce and Olives and Jalapeno on top. The base was the highlight of the dish and all the pizza pies in fact, thin and crisp yet fold-able when you crack the crust.

Eggplant Parmigiana Pizza @ Francesco's Pizzeria, Lower Parel

Eggplant Parmigiana Pizza in an attempt to bring Eggplant Parmigiana on a pizza they Roasted the slices of Aubergine and then coated it with Parmesan before baking the Pizza pie and I must say it succeeds. The Aubergine is nicely toasted and the layer of Parmesan thick contrasting well with the base.

Spaghetti Algio Olio @ Francesco's Pizzeria, Lower Parel

Spaghetti Algio Olio was really good with one able to distinctly taste the garlic as well as the paprika spice without it being overwhelming. Another kid friendly dish for sure.

Fettucini and Porcini Mushrooms @ Francesco's Pizzeria, Lower Parel

Fettucini and Porcini Mushrooms was like a flavour bomb of Mushrooms going off in your mouth in the best possible way. Creamy with a bit dollop of mushroomy goodness in every bite this was a definite winner for me. I could have had a whole portion by myself and then sniggered happily too.

Notorious Nacho's Pizza @ Francesco's Pizzeria, Lower Parel

Notorious Nacho's Pizza was a great surprise. The beans were nicely spiced and brought great flavour to the dish. Fusion is always interesting and on this occasion it paid off well.

Beet Ravioli @ Francesco's Pizzeria, Lower Parel

Beet Ravioli wasn't exactly to my taste. It turned out to be way too salty with I think the butter being over reduced. Not something I would order again in a hurry.

Peri Peri Paneer Pizza @ Francesco's Pizzeria, Lower Parel

Peri Peri Paneer Pizza was nice with a spicy flavour profile overall. The paneer was soft and the spring onions garnished on top went surprisingly well with the dish.

Avocado Pesto Pasta @ Francesco's Pizzeria, Lower Parel

The Avocado Pesto Pasta @ Francesco's Pizzeria, Lower Parel was a winner in terms of taste. So much so that we ordered additional portions. However I feel they should just drop the Avocado from the name as I couldn't taste it at all and didn't even get a piece in my serving like others said they did. The sun dried tomato's were a great burst of flavor in the dish.

Chocolate Mousse and Bambolini alla Cioccolato @ Francesco's Pizzeria, Lower Parel

The Chocolate Mousse and Bambolini alla Cioccolato @ Francesco's Pizzeria, Lower Parel were not something I was able to sample as I gleefully met some friends from school who had dropped in. My family obviously didn't wait for me :P

The only hiccup in the evening was the waiter who tended to our table. Quite frankly he seemed a bit dazed no matter what we asked of him.

Francesco's was a much needed breath of fresh air in Lower Parel for me, with all the other names becoming ones we have all heard a tad too often.

Go there for the thin pizzas and great conversation.

Damages to the wallet were around 625 per head, money well spent in my book.


PHONE:+91 9022912371 ·Reservation recommended ADDRESS: Shop 9-11, Next to L'vista Furnitures, Skyzone, High Street Phoenix, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai

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