Oven Fresh, Dadar - Restaurant Review

There are quite a few iconic eateries in Bombay. Ranging from Multi-Cuisine to very specialized and everything in between these are those that face stood the test of time and their reputation itself is enough to pull crowds in. However there is a saying that Heavy is the head that wears the crown. This applies in a way to iconic eateries too. There are more expectations and a higher bar for them. My first ever visit to Oven Fresh at Dadar put this eateries legend to the test. Read on to find out how it did.

Located near Dadar station, this eatery is easy to miss if your not looking at Google maps and its an absolute nightmare to find parking as the streets are small and parking spots already taken over. Walking in the restaurant you immediately see the large glass showcase of the extensive deserts on offer and they are a delight to see. They have a large variety of items on offer with many options for patrons who decide to go eggless. The place has a very standard look and feel with a large painting as the backdrop on one of the walls. Very clichéd restaurant in a hotel vibe going on to be honest.

Mezze Platter @ Oven Fresh, Dadar

To start off with we ordered the Mezze Platter and it turned out to be completely horrid. The dips were inedible with the Muhammara tasting like south indian gunpowder chutney mixed with tamarind. The hummus was weird and tasted completely odd. I didn't even have the stomach to try any of the other ones. Everyone on the table agreed.

Nachos @ Oven Fresh, Dadar
Nachos @ Oven Fresh, Dadar

Next up were the Nachos (mighty nachos, supreme nachos or something) which came in a baked deep dish piled high with beans, cheese and veggies. The dish tasted nice with the nachos being nice and crisp and the beans carrying good flavour. Though be warned the Guacamole through out the meal was weird and you would do best to scoop it out of every dish. Nachos were available in a Jain option also which tasted just as good.

Chipotle Paneer @ Oven Fresh, Dadar

The next dish to arrive were the grill cottage cheese skewers in Chipotle which were served in a skillet right at the table. The bell peppers were nicely sauteed and had a good amount of crunch still left in them. The paneer was soft and coating spicy, the warmth I generally associate with chipotle wasn't present though.A decent enough dish though. Once again a Jain option is available.

Caesar's Salad @ Oven Fresh, Dadar

The Ceasar's salad was the next thing to arrive. The dressing was a bit too creamy for my liking however it didn't lack flavour. With a large enough portion it was satisfying in a tummy filling way but perhaps not the most tongue pleasing way.

Pesto Pasta @ Oven Fresh, Dadar

Moving onto the main course we ordered the supposedly spectacular pesto pasta, which actually turned out to be drowned in the stuff and not up to par at all. I was barely able to taste the freshness of the basil and the garlicy punch as they were drowned in the gooey white sauce that they had been mixed with.

Sizzlers @ Oven Fresh, Dadar

Next up on the table were the Sizzlers, one Jain and One non Jain. Now these were okay however to be honest I've had better ones all over town, coming all the way here for just above par food was turning into quite a chore.

The Good Dessert @ Oven Fresh, Dadar

The final items for the evening were the two deserts, one of which was spectacular with a Hazel nut ice cream which had a brilliant nutty flavour, below which resided a beautiful creamy concoction. The next dessert to arrive though was really really bad. From the ice cream which was like a rock to the caramel sauce wannabe on the bottom of the plate.

This meal really failed on so many levels and left me so dissatisfied that its taken forever to review.

Apologies for not remembering the names of the desert though, should really have not done that.

My final verdict however is to not visit the place, save the time travelling and go to a nice local Multi-Cuisine place Bombay certainly has a lot of them and they are definitely going to please you more.

Be sure to sound off in the comments below about your experiences here good or bad.

Damages to the Wallet were Rs.600 per head.

PHONE:022 61094549

ADDRESS: Kiran Building, Ranade Road, Dadar Shivaji Park, Mumbai

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