The Birdsong Cafe, Bandra - Restaurant Review

Finding a place to work in the mad city that is Mumbai is always difficult, especially with the added challenge of the place letting us sit for an enormously long time, have good wifi as well as great coffee, the coffee being paramount for me :P On this quest developing an upcoming project of ours, we have been the Zen Cafe and now it was time to try out The Bird Song Cafe at Bandra.

Having read about it in Kalyan's coverage of the best places to watch the rain through windows in Bombay it was one to visit on my list.

The only concern we had visiting the place was the fact that one of us remembered that parking was a nightmare in the narrow lanes and there was no valet. However I thought why not just ask to see if they have added the facility. A quick phone call later it was learnt that Valet parking is available and we were happy campers.

Ambience @ The Birdsong Cafe, Bandra

One important thing to note about the space is that its completely organic and healthy, with jaggery to sweeten the coffee and gluten free desserts and breads. Even the menu has an extremely healthy vibe around it. Sure you can find a dish or two to indulge your self in both mostly expect to feel healthy while eating the food.

To kick start matters I opted for the filter coffee which they serve with milk mixed in or on the side as per your request. I personally feel that for an espresso shot black coffee is okay but filter has to be had with milk. I wish they had given the South Indian style tumblers for cooling the coffee too but alas that is an experience only reserved for Madras Cafe I guess.

To have something to munch on while we worked we called for the Herb Jacket Potatoes and Quinoa Salad.

Herb Jacket Potatoes @ The Birdsong Cafe, Bandra

The Herb jacket potatoes were brought alive by the quality of the potatoes which they used. The potatoes were nicely dressed with Garlic and Basil and tasted really nice. It was comforting with subtle flavour which seemed fresh.

Quinoa Salad @ The Birdsong Cafe, Bandra

Quinoa isn't something I'm a big fan off but this salad was pretty darn good with the quinoa soaked nicely through and a great taste to it. The veggies along with it had a tangy dressing which tied them together. Who ever thought healthy quinoa could ever think so good.

Next on our list was the Hot chocolate which was unfortunately I didn't end up taking a snap off but was soo soo good. I mean its the one thing I would go back for time and time again.

One of us thought that Cold chocolate was something we had to try too and so we decided to get that also. While not as comforting as the Hot chocolate it was definitely really good. Maybe on a hot summer day I would reach out for this one instead.

Spinach and Walnut Pizza @ The Birdsong Cafe, Bandra

Wanting something more substantial to make sure our mental engines kept purring on we opted for the Spinach and Walnut Pizza. I was promptly informed by the friend with whom I was working that the Pizza base was also Gluten free. Having never really opted for Gluten Free food I was interested to taste it.

The pizza itself came out nicely crisp on a thin base shaped in squares which I found to be an interesting way of plating it up. Im guessing it was required due to the Gluten Free base they used. The flavour of the sauce was nice and tasted fresh. The Spinach on top was wilted just a bit due to being baked but tasted great. I would have preferred that the Walnuts were a bit crisper however given the current weather I might as well ask for fairy dust eh?

Roasted Veggies @ The Birdsong Cafe, Bandra

The last dish of the evening was Roasted veggies in herb butter and was one of those perfect quick stir fries for satisfying the hunger pangs which creep up just before dinner. The herb butter enveloped the veggies nicely and lent a great flavour to the dish.

The damages for a productive evening were in the region of Rs. 450 per head. Perfectly reasonable given their focus on organic food.

A point to note was that at the time of the visit the WiFi was not working, however I hope they have that sorted out by the time you decide to go.

For my next healthy fix and that divine hot chocolate The Birdsong Café is on my list of must go places for sure.

Phone: 022 33487845 

Address: The Birdsong Cafe Waroda Road, Behind American Express Bakery, Near Jude Bakery, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

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