Jewel of India, Worli - Restaurant Review

Do all of you have some restaurants which you have heard a lot off from your parents or elders but never really visited there?You know one of those places where they go "Oh, Ya! We used to go there so much na" and then trail off into memories never having taken you there. One such place in my family was Jewel Of India. How me and the better half got  there is a tale for another time.

Jewel of India is supposedly iconic so I'm guessing most of you guys know it's location better than I did, however for those not familiar with it. It's located right next to Nehru Center and Planetarium.

After a few brisk walks between the gates of Jewel of India and Jade Garden a guard Thankfully told us that Jade garden was a banquet hall and we should go to Jewel Of India if it's food we are after we finally entered the place.

The entrance is a small gate with a front desk and I was immediately a bit sceptical regarding how large the establishment was going to be. However as soon as you walk in it opens up on the left into this large dining area with delightfully high ceilings.

High ceilings are something both me and A have a soft spot for and we're overjoyed to see them.

We were immediately seated, though honestly the restaurant seemed a bit bare in terms of patronage, perhaps the glint has disappeared off the jewel? I certainly hope not as its a place which is spacious and seems to carry its self well.

Hot and Sour Soup @ Jewel of India, Worli

With the better half always in the mood for some soup we decide to have the Hot and Sour soup to start off with.

The soup was nicely spicy with the vegetables minced well and the soup not too cloudy with overuse of corn flour in it, the flavour of the broth itself was nice with heat and sourness both there. There wasn't an overwhelming amount of corn flour in there which really helped in enhancing the soup.

Crispy Roomali Roti @ Jewel of India, Worli

The next dish ordered by us was one of those crispy roomali rotis and it was delicious. I say this even though like an idiot I forgot to ask him to remove cucumber. The masala was spot on without being overwhelmingly spicy and the chutney provided with it was fresh and tangy.

Paneer Hyderabadi @ Jewel of India, Worli

Moving on to the Main Course we went for the Paneer Hyderabadi which was a red gravy based paneer dish which the waiter promised us brought with it a bit of a kick. It delivered in terms of flavour and was throughly enjoyed by us. Complex without being overly spicy it was a dish a Paneer like me would reach for again and again.

Breads @ Jewel of India, Worli

To mop up the gravy we opted for the Garlic Naan (A staple of ours when we eat Indian) as well as a Paratha with methi and black til on top. The breads were tasty with the naan being the better of the two.

I must mention the attentiveness of the steward serving our table for sure, he was aware of our taste buds and made sure he made the correct enquiries regarding our spice preference levels.

The portion sizes were nice and large with it being enough for 3 people at least, however I can see 4 people being able to get a serving each too. Definitely a plus in this day and age where portion sizes seem to keep getting smaller.

This is certainly a place we will be visiting again.

Damages to the wallet were in the area of 700 Per head.

Phone: 022 24949217, 022 24949214 Address: Jewel of India & Jade Garden Worli, Nehru Centre, Dr Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai

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