Majestic Masala, Tuli Imperial, Nagpur - Restaurant Review

Travelling for a business trip can be a stressful affair, with unpredictable places to say and lunch and dinner being something we get a chances to have only when the schedule and clients whims allow it. Though such trips have always thrown up interesting life experiences for me, from the Trip where we slept in the Train attendants compartment to making my way to Bhilai to last minute escapades trying to make sure we don't miss the flight.

However this time during my trip to Nagpur we had the good fortune of staying at the Tuli Imperial.

On our only night there (it was a brutally short trip) we were exhausted after a bit of a hunt trying to find presents for my colleagues god-daughters. Tired but hungry we decided to give the Majestic Masala the Tuli Imperial's in house restaurant a try.

Walking in I must admit I was a bit taken aback at the fact that it was completely empty. How ever I quickly remembered that it was a Monday evening and not everyone ventures out right at the start of a work week.

The space it self is large yet Cosy done up in dark black tones with hints of colour. They manage to get a sense of coziness by having these jail bar like grills strategically placed throughout the space. It works well to break the expansive place up.

Sev Puri Amouse Bouche @ Majestic Masala, Tuli Imperial, Nagpur

Within a few minutes after being seated we were served with an amouse bouche of DIY dahi sevpuri with tiny crisp puris, dahi, sev and a mix of tomatoes and onions to top the puris with.

I found these to be a great idea as they are tiny and tasty however get you involved with the meal immediately by becoming part of the meal.

Paneer Tikka @ Majestic Masala, Tuli Imperial, Nagpur

Post that we decided to order the Paneer Tikka starter which in my opinion was absolutely delicious, with soft Paneer and a great flavour coming through from the marinade the Paneer was in. There was a hint of smokiness from the Tandoor to the dish as well.

The main course consisted of a Mixed vegetables in spinach gravy and Dal Makhani which the waiter told us they were extremely well known for.

Mixed Veg in Spinach Gravy @ Majestic Masala, Tuli Imperial, Nagpur

The mixed veg in spinach gravy was the best dish of the night for me without a doubt. The gravy had a distinct spinach flavour with the vegetables being cut up nicely into perfectly sized small pieces and the flavour of the spices coming through really well. The curry was a tad on the oilier side however it tasted great so all was well with the world.

Dal Makhani @ Maestic Masala, Tuli Imperial, Nagpur

The dal makhani was creamy and flavourful with the lentils being well cooked and a great taste of adrak and garlic coming through to the palate. I wouldn't call it the best dal makhani I have ever had as that honour definitely goes to Peshawari at the ITC Grand Maratha, however this one comes close to the top for sure.

Roti, Naan and Kulcha @ Majestic Masala, Tuli Imperial, Nagpur

The breads were nice with the Garlic Naan, Kulcha and Tandoori roti all being sampled. Perfect ways to bring the delicious main course into our hungry mouths.

The attention to detail as well as the flavoursome food makes this an easy one to recommend for someone headed to Nagpur, however a relative staying there mentioned that the Indian restaurant in the other Tuli Hotel in Nagpur is even better.

The damages per head were Rs.450 per person, however a point to note is that this involved the ordering of an extra bottle of sparkling water to the table.

Phone: +917126653555 Address: Tuli Imperial, Central Bazar, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur - 440 001

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