Amici, Khan Market - Restaurant Review

Going to another city for work can be a fun experience if one gets time to spend in the city like I did recently on my trip to New Delhi. Living in Karol Bagh close to the Metro station I got to experience all the hustle and bustle of the city at my own pace. Thankfully this wasn't a wham bam thank you ma'am kind of visit and I actually had a bit of time to soak in New Delhi and for a foodie like me it's food too.

Having tried a bit of street food at Gaffar Market as well as close to my hotel I decided it was time to venture out and sample a bit of Delhi's restaurant scene as well.

Roping in a friend who stays close by we decided to venture out to Amici at Khan Market.

Read on to find out what we thought about the place and whether it should be on your list of places to go to.

Located within walking distance of Khan Market, Metro station amidst a number of other restaurants it felt like we were walking through some type of high street food walk in an international city, the sort that I would love to see in Bombay someday. Perhaps Kala Ghoda would be a good option for it.

The space itself is located on the first floor of a building with a small stair case leading the way up. In terms of decor it is done up in the familiar wood paneling and felt warm and welcoming.

Mushroom Soup @ Amici, Khan Market

To kick off the meal we decided to opt for the Mushroom soup which came full of earthy flavour with a consistency a bit on the watery side. However it was this consistency which allowed the mushroom flavour to take center stage. Accompanying it was a slice of warm bread.

Amidst conversation which took us back to college days we decided to order a slightly rustic starter which I had never tried before.

Caprese Calda @ Amici, Khan Market

It was the Caprese Calda which caught my attention with its description of being three layers of phyllo pastry interspersed with thick cut ripened tomato and bocconcini cheese. In terms of flavor it was definitely subtle but in the best way possible and showcased the freshness of the tomatoes really well. The crunch of the Phyllo pastry with the meatiness of the thickly cut tomatoes and the creaminess of the cheese came together extremely well to make a very messy yet yummy appetizer.(Seriously messy though, make sure you don't get the juices of the tomatoes all over you)

We decided to spoil ourselves and go for two main course despite being only two people. Its a decision I do not regret a bit as it allowed for the conversation to keep flowing freely.

Beetroot Pumpkin Ravioli @ Amici, Khan Market

First up was the Beetroot Pumpkin Ravioli with Walnut and Gorgonzola in an Anise cream sauce. The dish itself was interesting in terms of taste though the ravioli sheets were way too thick and could definitely have been thinner by half. The anise cream sauce and creamy pumpkin inside the beetroot ravioli itself were nice, however something a bit tart or a touch of spice to cut through that sweetness would have been something I would have preferred.

The Starving Celebrity @ Amici, Khan Market

Before I get into telling you how the Pizza we ordered was I must commend them on the sheer variety of pizzas they have on offer with quite a few quirky options and all on a thin crust base which is pretty cool. We opted for the Starving celebrity Tofu pizza which came full to the gills in terms of the number of toppings it had on it. With a nice base and sauce I would opt for a pizza with fewer toppings to allow the base elements to shine through more.

With portion sizes a bit larger than we were anticipating we were stuffed and opted for just a chocolate chip cookie each from the desert counter, they did look interesting though and must be eaten on my next visit here (For people hoping for eggless deserts there are slim pickings and I suggest you call ahead and book them before they run out)

The service at Amici was prompt though the restaurant was empty for the most part and it would be interesting to know your experiences when it is packed.

Damages per head were close to 800+ per head, pretty reasonable considering the fact that we were both bloated whales by the end.

ADDRESS: 47, Middle Lane, Khan Market, New Delhi

PHONE: 011 33105973

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