Indigo Deli, Lower Parel - Restaurant Review

This review was never meant to be written. Not because the meal wasn't good or I wasn't planning to write it in the first place. The reason for saying this is because as part of a small change to try to be healthier I had decided that as far as possible I'm going to eat salads and soup.

This all went out of the window though when I went to Indigo Deli recently as the day had been a great one for both me and my dining companion.

Read on to know how our experience was.

Located on the foyer of the first floor of Palladium, Lower Parel the restaurant has an outdoor seating area as well as an indoor one. Though I'm sure that the outdoor one is utilized only when the crowds start to really swell.

The design of the interior itself is quite modern with nice wood paneling everywhere and a open kitchen you can peek into.

Asparagus Soup @ Indigo Deli, Lower Parel

We decided to start with soup and I ordered the Asparagus Soup with Blue Cheese Crostini. The soup was nice and light however lacked a bit of salt. Though in my family we are a tad heavy with salt so it might be perfect for you. I would have wanted more than a single tiny Crostini piece that they gave me. Boo on you Indigo Deli, be a bit more generous with it next time.

To make sure the conversation flowed we decided to follow it up with a beer each. When there is alcohol there is definitely the munchies. To conquer those munchies we decided to go for a couple of appetizers to nibble on.

The first one was the Garlic Bread which came with a generous amount of garlic butter on thin slices of bread toasted nicely in the oven.

Balsamic Mushrooms @ Indigo Deli, Lower Parel

Along with the Garlic Bread we decided to go for the Balsamic Mushrooms. The mushrooms were sautéed in a Balsamic reduction which gave them a delightful tartness and popped with flavour when you bit into them. Quite a nice snack for nibbling on over drinks when you don't want to reach for the greasy stuff.

Farfalle Pasta @ Indigo Deli, Lower Parel

Moving on to the Main Course I had the farfalle (bow pasta) in a Chilli Tomato Sauce with capers and aubergine (The pasta contains egg). In terms of flavour I found the dish a bit flat, there was a nice flavour of tomato coming through but that's about it. Would have expected a bit more kick from the chilli, along with many more little capers hiding everywhere to just appear suddenly when you are having a mouthful. Not a dish I would go back for, something else will have to be tried the next time around.

We didn't sample the deserts this time around as I was really craving some Haagen Daz Cookie and Cream ice cream which has been my go to happiness fix since I was a tiny kid.

The service was attentive and didn't hover around which is a good thing. However they could have tried a bit harder to find out if we liked a bit of heat in our food when it came to the pasta. Extra care for the customers pallette always scores extra points.

Damages were 1900 per head, however do note that this included my dining partner having a non vegetarian soup and main course in addition to everything I described. So for vegetarians my guess is 1200 a head should be the figure. However as always with dining out your mileage may vary.

CONTACT PHONE NUMBER : +917506425504

ADDRESS: 1st Floor, Palladium Mall, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai

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