Indigo Deli, Bandra - Community Menu Launch

There are some days which are just not meant to give off a good vibe at work.The day of the Indigo Deli Community Menu Launch was one of those days.

For some reason at some point along that Monday the switch had flipped and work and my brain just didn't seem to want to work. When this got compounded by the agony of travelling 2 hours to reach Indigo Deli, I was convinced that this was one day to be written off.

However most bad days in my life have a way of having a nice ending. The meal at Indigo Deli was definitely a nice way to end this one.

So lets move on to the specifics of the meal they have on offer.

Its a community menu built for 6-12 people with unlimited repeats for a price of Rs.899+ taxes.

On offer you get your choice of mocktails, soup, salads, pizzas, pastas/risottos as well as dessert. 

This is a Monday to Friday Lunch time offer available at their Ghatkopar, Malad and Bandra outlets. (I'm upset that the Palladium outlet doesn't have the same offer).

Having arrived late (almost a regular thing for me at an FBAI event I'm sad to say) I started off with the mocktail of apple with cinnamon in which the cinnamon flavor dominated it.

Panzanella Salad @ Indigo Deli, Bandra
Grilled Veg Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing @ Indigo Deli, Bandra

Next up was the selection of salads, the panzanella and Caesar were okay, a bit under dressed to be honest. However the Honey mustard dressed grilled vegetables were really really good. The heat of the mustard went really well with the sweetness of the honey.

The soup was the next to arrive for me and had a great garlic chive flavor to complement the creaminess of the potato. Perfect for a wintry day.

Sundried Tomatoes, Olives and Capers Pizza @ Indigo Deli, Bandra

Next up were the super thin crust airy based pizzas. I was a bigger fan of the olives, sundried tomatoes and capers one. The other one was the creamed spinach and mushroom one, where the creamed spinach should have been used more sparingly.

Extra creamy food was a common feature across the rest of the main courses as well. To combat that I wish they give something light like a bread basket with tangy dip to cut through the creaminess occasionally.

Mushroom Ragout Pasta @ Indigo Deli, Bandra

The mushroom ragout pasta was honestly my favorite dish of the night. The mushrooms were really well cooked and so were the farfalle pasta which served as a nice way to shovel the mushrooms into my mouth.

The saffron risotto was too rich and overwhelmed me with saffron taste with just a few mouthfuls, something to avoid, however the garlicy beans which accompanied them were spot on and quickly gobbled up.

Pesto Pasta @ Indigo Deli, Bandra

The pesto cream pasta was rich yet super yum and something I would love to eat when sitting with a large group of friends talking our heads off.

Risotto @ Indigo Deli, Bandra

Their risotto with Harrisa Sunchokes was a new one for me but super yum to have, something I would recommend you definitely try it out.

Stuffed from the sheer onslaught of dishes (Makes spending nearly 1000 bucks a head seem really good value for money eh?) we finally moved on to the desserts,

Blueberry Cheese Cake @ Indigo Deli, Bandra

For desserts we were served an assortment of ice creams which were super smooth, I recommend the Strawberry as the best of the night. Though fellow diners told me that the salted caramel at Indigo Deli is the best one they offer.

We also had the Blueberry Cheescake, crumbly base with a nicely firm center and the tartness of Blueberry's, what more can one want?

Hazelnut Mousse Cake @ Indigo Deli, Bandra

We also had the chocolate ganache cake which for a chocolate lover like me was quite a treat. The last dessert I had the stomach to sample was the only eggless one of the night, the Hazelnut Mousse Cake which had a nicely dense Hazelnut mousse.

Fit to bursting I was one happy happy boy at the end of the night.

Special mention for the service at Indigo Deli that night, not only were they super attentive to our table, they seemed on point for everyone else at the restaurant as well,

Totally worth the price according to me.

If you go for the lunch be sure to leave your comments to let me know what you thought.


Address: Pali Hill, Bandra West › 8 Fatima Villa, 29th Road, Pali Naka, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai

Phone: +91 7506425001 022 26429064

This experience was part of a FBAI food bloggers meet.