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I am a firm believer in the notion that every victory small or big should be celebrated. What are we all running this rat race for if we can't even celebrate everything when we succeed at it. This was the exact reason how I found my self at Berry'd Alive in Indiranagar one night after finally landing a large account after over 12 months of chasing them.

To start with I loved the energy of the place on a Saturday with a large number of people, young to old all coming for their sweet fix. Some just after partying, some after dinner and some yet to go clubbing into the night.

It was fun to be in this quirky pastel pop outlet where everyone seems welcome.

They had a quirky poster which I have to share with you guys as it epitomizes what this place is about.

Quote @ Berry'd Alive, Bangalore

Berry'd alive has a extensive menu however not everything is eggless so make sure you inquire properly before setting your heart on something.

We decided to start off with a trifecta of deserts. Things are best done in threes eh? ;)

Trifecta of Desserts @ Berry'd Alive, Bangalore

The Hazelnut creme pot was hazelnut flavoured chocolate filled into a crunchy caramelized nut bowl with an indulgent amount of whipped cream on top. Well balanced and tasty to eat,

The next up was the Dark chocolate delice which was a dessert designed the show off Dark chocolate which it did with a nice bitter taste on the tongue all through out. In terms of texture though it could have been lighter, was a tad too dense for my taste.

Last for this serving was the coffee walnut creme rolls which is a sweet coffee desert with coffee creme piped into sugar rolls with candied walnuts inside, was a slightly messy yet fun dessert to have.

Strawberry Crumble Pudding @ Berry'd Alive, Bangalore

Not satisfied with this much we decided to forget the diabetes which I am sure to get soon and ordered the Strawberry crumble pudding which their menu specifically says is not a cheesecake. To be honest it did taste a bit like a slightly sweeter cheesecake and that's something I will stand by. However the base was a bit crumbly and not the biscuity base that I normally associate with a cheesecake.

All in all it was a very nice place to celebrate a big win and if your in Bangalore and hankering for something sweet make sure to stop by.


Address Indiranagar › 1079, 12th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Off 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore

Phone +91 9611348003 +91 9620969017

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