Me So Happi, Bandra - Quick Bite Review

Bombay has this fantastic new initiative focused around reclaiming the streets of Bandra known as Equal Streets. This initiative has a lot of activities for young and old alike, every Sunday morning from 7:00 am to 11:00 am, on Linking Road, SV Road and a small section of Juhu Road, in the suburbs of Bandra, Khar and Santacruz.

For one of those days, my friends associated with the Art Lounge decided to distribute chalk to the little kiddies drawing on the street outside. Spreading the joy is always fun isn't it?

After walking around quite a bit we decided to stop at Me So Happi for a quick breakfast.

The restaurant was located right along the path of where we were walking. Don't ask me for directions though, I'm hopeless at that.

Pretty Chandeliers @ Me So Happi, Bandra

In terms of decor there are nice large floor to ceiling windows all around, with a high bar table type setting hugging the restaurant through the first section of the restaurant. The exposed bulb chandeliers they have are really pretty. I would love to come back just to stare at them.

Restaurant Back with Mural @ Me So Happi, Bandra

The back section has a large mural which is fun to see. I wish some more restaurants started having space for artists to showcase their work. Its an easy way to get the average mumbaikar involved in Art.

They also have a small games menu for you to enjoy in while you wait for your food to arrive. Always a fun thing and if your interested in doing the same over some beers go check out my Hoppipola launch event coverage.

Lets move on to the food. As this was just a breakfast run, I had a Mushroom on toast as well as a Cappucinno to make the morning cobwebs go away.

Before I get into trying to describe the dishes, let me sum it up for you by saying that it was disappointing.

Mushrooms on Toast @ Me So Happi, Bandra

The dish consisted of 3 slices of a creamy mushroom mixture accompanied with a grilled tomato and a potato rosti (Instead of the hashbrown promised on the menu).

The dish came cold and lacking any thing to make it pop. Generic Mushroom in white sauce on crusty bread. The rosti was extremely dark almost as if the potatoes had been shredded way too much in advance and the grilled tomato didn't seem fresh either.

Things really didn't improve in the coffee department, with the cappuccino quite weak in terms of flavor and having way too much milk.

In addition a friend had ordered the Orange juice sans sugar and despite repeatedly mentioning the same to the waiters, they ended up putting sugar in the Juice. A fact which was vehemently denied by the waiter at first, eventually leading us to ask him to take it back. On realizing that there probably was sugar in the juice they issued a replacement, however having such a fuss being created over something which was explicitly ordered wasn't a fun thing in the morning.

Another friend accompanying me had the eggs which he was happy with. Other bloggers have been writing great things about their breakfast, so perhaps they have improved their standards since the time I visited.

One positive about the experience was that when we complained to the owner about the service, the chef came to the table and apologized about the food, saying that he will try to make sure the same doesn't get repeated again. The fact that the chef was willing to accept that the food wasn't up to scratch is heartening.

I'm still planning to give this one a visit for Lunch or Dinner soon and see how they stand up on a busy night. Till then I would say avoid this one for now, lets hope a few months allows them to improve overall.

Damages per head were in the region of 300 per head.



022 30150831


Shop 2, Ground Floor, Kusum Kunj, Near Guess Showroom, Khar-Linking Road, Khar (West), Mumbai