Soma, Santacruz East - Restaurant Review

This review is one where I didn't get a chance to click any photos. Was out for a work dinner with some guests from Japan and Europe and the last thing I wanted to do was take photos from various angles and make their food get cold. However there was no way I was going to let an opportunity go to review this place.

Luckily though as I was assembling this review the thought of reaching out to the media team at the Grand Hyatt team struck me. With nothing to lose I though why not and shot off an tweet to them about it.

They were super helpful and sent me some photos to use in the post.

Interiors @ Soma, Santacruz East

The restaurant features tall ceilings, with a warm woodiness to it. There is a nice show kitchen in the center where one can peek in and see various dishes being prepared.

Lining the walls there were some nice art pieces. Overall nothing ornate but totally welcoming

Well now lets dive into the food. There was a lot of it and almost all of it was super yum.

Paneer Tikka @ Soma, Santacruz East

The appetizers started off with the Paneer Tikka which was pillowy soft paneer, with a mild spice coating, not sure if it was supposed to be their chutney vala Tikka as the coating was red. Delicious and would definitely have again.

Kebabs @ Soma, Santacruz East

Next up came their Galouti Kebab which were extremely soft and breaking off the fork, beautiful smoked flavor of cardamom and cloves; we had to call the chef to figure this out as we just couldn't put out finger on what was making it so yum.

They offer an endless supply of papad with chutney on the table as well and this got polished off as soon as they replaced it. Crunchy mixed with spicy transcends all cultural boundaries I feel.

For the mains we decided to try Subz Panchtrutti (Jain) A nice mixed vegetable curry which was spicy with a nice well balanced gravy, yet not too oily. Always a good thing when dining at Punjabi restaurants.

We also ordered the  Dum aloo with were meant to be stuffed with cheese though I didnt get a distinctive flavour. However the gravy was delicious and overall good marks for the dish, perhaps the cheese could be a wee bit more.

To please our foreign guests we ordered the Makai vegetable with a request for it to be mild. The gravy was very nice with a subtle spice to it which was appreciated by our guests.

Indian Breads @ Soma, Santacruz East

The breads we opted were stellar apart from the Laccha Paratha which was too chewy. My pick of the night in the breads was the Missi Roti.

Dessert @ Soma, Santacruz East
Dessert @ Soma, Santacruz East

Personally I'm not a big fan of Indian sweets, however I really enjoyed the Phirni which we had which I was trying for the first time. It had a beautiful flavor of Pistachio which shone through. There was a kulfi was well however was nothing to write home about.

Having said all this about the food though, what really made the evening memorable for me was the Service. Top marks, from the minute you enter the hotel they were courteous and vigilant about a guests needs without being overbearing. Special mention to our steward of the night Pankaj. Take a bow for being on point all night long.

Price wise we ended up spending close to Rs.2250 a head, but that included a few glasses of wine as well.

Once again I would like to thank the media team at the Hyatt for sending these amazing photos over.


Phone - 022 66761234 Address - Grand Hyatt, Off Western Express Highway, Santacruz East, Mumbai

This review was conducted anonymously and Bambaiya Veggie pays for its meals.