Dim Sum Week experience - JW Marriott, Juhu

I love Dim sums. Quite simply I just do. If you need proof about how much I love those tiny bundles of joy my post about Dumpling king might make you understand. (It might just make you stop reading this article and go over to their store to gorge on some dim sums as well :P) There is just something about those painstakingly folded balls of dough with stuffing that make me really happy inside. There is always the promise of good things inside when done well.

As part of their celebrations for the Chinese New year JW Marriott invited a bunch of us bloggers over to taste them out. I ended up arriving super duper late to the event due to the hell that is Juhu traffic and my schedule coming together in an unholy Union. I was lucky though that I arrived just as serving began.

The table was set up in the private dining area of Spices which is located on the ground floor and is quite gorgeous. Though they probably ended up calling too many of us (Or more of us loved Dim sums enough to make the journey to Juhu than they anticipated); hence seating was a bit crowded but nothing unmanageable.

The dim sums showcased are now a permanent fixture on their menu post the festival. The dim sums will be made under the guidance of Dim sum Chef Tenzin Khechok who is one of the newest members to the team.

Veg Crystal Dumplings @ Spices, JW Marriott
Pan Fried Dumplings @ Spices, JW Marriott
Chive Dumplings @ Spices, JW Marriott
Chocolate Dim Sums @ Spices, JW Marriott

The spread it self offered a selection of six dumplings for the vegetarian guests namely the Shitake Mushroom Dumpling, Wild Mushroom Crystal Dumpling, Vegetable Chive Dumpling, Veg Crystal Dumpling, Veg Shangai Dumpling ‘Pan- Fried’ and the Truffle Edamame Dumpling.

The dumplings were served in steamer baskets both large and small to ensure that there were enough on the table to serve everyone at the same time. However the hazard of serving a large contingent of bloggers is that with everyone trying to take pictures at the same time the food can tend to become a tad cold and not be exactly as the chef wanted it served.

At this time it must be mentioned that the wait staff themselves seemed quite overwhelmed. Their explanations about what was being served came in just sporadically. Having had fabulous food and service experiences at the JW Marriott before this was quite surprising to me. Its unfortunate that they weren't able to live up to my high expectations.

Amongst the dim sums themselves all of them were meticulously crafted and taste wise distinct. I would rate the Crystal Veg Dumplings as my favourite with the Edamame Truffle dumplings a close second. It was the first time I was tasting Edamame and Truffle in dumplings and I quite enjoyed them. Fellow diners did recommend that I would be even more impressed with the offering over at Yauatcha though. Must check that one off my to eat at list soon.

The odd ball of the night was the chocolate dim sum which we were served as a dessert. It was a bit rubbery on the outside and not something I would order again.

My recommendation is that you try out the dim sums here when you have people to entertain and would like to impress as the restaurant and location it self is quite beautiful. The food would have to be tried on its own on a busy night to really be judged properly again but definitely showed promise.

The author was invited to be a part of the experience through the FBAI.

Contact Info: Phone:02266933290, 02266933000Address: JW Marriott, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai

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