Check out a delicious New Menu @ Eat Around The Corner

Interiors @ Eat around the corner

This was my first experience at Eat around the corner; which is quite strange given the fact that it has been around for a fair bit and has a reputation for decently tasty food.

Interiors @ Eat around the corner

Eat around the corner has a large display area for food where a large selection of food is available for you to browse before you place the order. The decor is crisp and modern and the presence of a lot of mirrors makes it seem bigger than it is.

As you can see from the images they have quite the spread. Though it does concern me that with the food sitting outside like that it might just be drying out a bit.

Cold Coffee @ Eat around the corner

We kicked things off with a mercifully non sweet cold coffee which was exactly what I needed after a long day of work. Now I'm usually not a big fan of cold coffees as I prefer my coffee hot and dark but on a hot summer evening "Yes please!"

Mezze Platter @ Eat around the corner, Bandra
Spinach and Feta Cheese Empanadas @ Eat around the corner, Bandra

Next up were the Mezze Platter and Empanadas. With four dips on offer the Mezze platter is the perfect dish to get the conversation flowing and tongues wagging. My favourite of the dips was definitely the Baba ganoush. The Empanadas left a lot to be desired and it seems the chef missed the notice that they had to be filled with feta cheese as well.

Cuban Cubano @ Eat around the corner, Bandra

Next up was the Cuban Cubano which for me was the highlight of the evening. Crisp bread with grilled aubergines, caramelized onions, grilled bell peppers and creamy cottage cheese. It was like a party in my mouth which I didn't want to end. This is something I would travel to Bandra for.

Pasta Alfredo @ Eat around the corner, Bandra

Following the cubano was the Penne Pasta in Alfredo sauce which was nicely cooked but nothing too special and the Brown rice risotto with butternut squash and arugula.

Risotto @ Eat around the corner, Bandra

The rice in the risotto thankfully had a nice bite to it, though I prefer mine even slightly more undercooked. However given our Indian sensibilities it was a fab dish with the arugula having just enough bitterness to provide some contrast.

Churros @ Eat around the corner, Bandra

The dessert for the night was fresh churros with chocolate sauce. They were mediocre at best and I hope they work on them; the chocolate sauce was quite good though.

Do you think you might visit Eat Around The Corner to check out their new menu? Let us know in the comments.

Bambaiya Veggie was invited by the restaurant to partake in this experience.


Phone: +91 9867072226 Address: 24th & 30th Road Junction, Opposite St Theresa's Boys High School, TPS III, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai