Matunga Detour to Cafe Mysore

Going to Cafe Madras almost every Sunday is a family tradition for us.We have been doing it since I can remember and for good reasons too.

Cafe madras has always had consistently tasty food which is well priced coupled with a killer sambhar. For my money it's sambar can't be beat by any of the other restaurants in matunga right now.

However there are times when one wants to step outside the fold. I had the opportunity to do just that recently when my parents decided that they wanted to indulge in a South Indian Thali at Ramanayak Udipi near Matunga station.

Cafe Mysore is a tiny joint like all the other south indian ones at matunga. Unpretentious interiors, Clean benches and quick service. You are here to eat and leave.

Rasam Vada @ Cafe Mysore, Matunga

First up for me was the Rasam Vada. Served in a nice glass bowl the Rasam was piping hot and I had to wait for it to cool down a bit before popping the soft Vadas into my mouth. The Rasam had a nice sour yet spicy flavour to it. Happiness in a bowl for sure. Made a mental note to myself that my gang likes Rasam vada so this must be introduced to them as well.

Mysore Sada Dosa @ Cafe Mysore, Matunga

Now the one dish at Cafe Madras which doesn't quite float my boat is the Mysore sada dosas as they but just the regular coconut chutney into the dosas and I've been spoilt by manipal into having the more spicy red coconut chutney spread inside. I decided to risk it here and I'm glad I did. Super crispy dosai with a generous amount of red coconut chutney on the inside made me remember all the dosas I hogged in college.

Sada Dosa @ Cafe Mysore, Matunga
Sada Dosa @ Cafe Mysore, Matunga

To finish off the meal I decided to keep it simple with a sada dosa which was crisp and allowed to me more fully appreciate the chutney and sambar. The sambar wasn't half bad however Cafe Madras still tops it. The chutney on the other hand was extremely good and tasted super fresh.

This is a great spot to come and indulge if the line at Cafe Madras becomes too much for you to handle. (can get pretty long here as well).

Pricing will always be reasonable in these joints and was close to 180 bucks for me.

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