Eagle Boys Pizza, Fort - Can the new kid keep up?

The current pizza delivery scene in India is dominated by Domino's. There is no doubt about it. Jubilant food works share prices it self are testament to that. However India is a large country on the March towards modernisation and that means it's always going to have space for more competitors. The newest entrant is Eagle Boys Pizza which is an Australian pizza delivery chain.

Eagle Boys Logo

We decided to try them out after watching Dil Dhadakne Do recently because I was struck by a sudden pizza craving that day. Luckily Sterling Cinema had an Eagle Boys outlet in their food court it self.

With the movie having ended a bit late we decided to stick to just one pizza and ordered a 13 inch Veg Mexicana. Over eating late at night is a habit I'm trying to kick you see.

Pizza Mexicana @ Eagle Boys Pizza, Fort

My criteria for deciding if a pizza was any good is quite simple. Just three simple questions in fact.

How was the pizza base?Too soft for my liking. Definitely recommend asking them to crisp it up next time. In terms of taste it wasn't too doughy so that is a plus. How was the sauce? Spicy with a bit of a kick to it, definitely going to be liked by the indian crowd. Adequate quantity of sauce too so didn't taste dry. How were the toppings and the cheese? Good quantity of toppings which tasted quite fresh. Cheese was nice and bubbly however was quite stringy to eat.

Now honestly these delivery pizzas are never going to be as good as the ones at Pizza Metro Pizza or even Pizza by the Bay because of the QSR Model they follow any the volumes they need to pump out regularly. So let's try and judge them on keeping that in mind.

So overall the pizza was a 3/5 for me, this keeps it squarely in the middle of the pack. Dominos still rules the roost for me as far as the QSR guys go. However it might be the years of over eating it during college which make me a bit more biased towards them.

Which is your favourite delivery/QSR pizza service in town? Which one should we review next? Let us know in the comments below.

Contact: Phone Number 022 33956057

Address Sterling Cinema, Marzaban Road Cinema Lane, Fort, Mumbai

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