China Garden, Kemps Corner- Big smiles all around.

China Garden has been on my list of "I must go there soon" restaurants for the longest time now. Ideally that thought should be "I must go there again really soon" because I have been to China Garden but it feels like so long ago that I might as well have not counted it at all. So after being turned away from their doors because one of us decided to wear shorts for dinner we decided to go there again armed with jeans and appropriate foot wear.

The restaurant has a nice long bar section with a Laughing Buddha keeping a nice eye over the whole place. We ended up rubbing its belly on the way out way more than we should have. Who doesn't need a bit of good luck right?

We were seated in the rear section of the restaurant which has a nice cushioned sofa along three sides of the wall. Being extremely hungry as usual we dove into the food.

Manchow Soup @ China Garden, Kemps Corner

From the soup selection we opted for the Manchow soup and we were glad we did so. There was a ton of that yumminess that only Indian Chinese can bring in terms of flavour. I'm not sure exactly how to describe it in words but if you have memories of eating roadside or college canteen chinese you know exactly what I'm talking about.

From the appetizers we chose the Chow Chu vegetables which were a little bit like salt and pepper manchurians. Perfect for starting a conversation and letting it flow while everyone still reaches out for a few bites in the middle. The portion that came initially was a bit on the saltier side however were quickly replaced. Appreciate the prompt service on that front.

Gourmet Vegetable @ China Garden, Kemps Corner

Next up was the main course where we chose to have the Gourmet Vegetable accompanied with Burnt garlic fried rice and their Pan fried noodles which included vegetables.

Fried Noodles with Veggies @ China Garden, Kemps Corner
Burnt garlic fried rice @ China Garden, Kemps Corner

The Gourmet Vegetable had a nice selection of veggies to it and had a nice spice to it. It went really well with the Burnt garlic fried rice. The garlic in the fried rice provided the perfect top notes to the dish. The Fried noodles didn't need anything else and were a great dish to order on the side. Not too oily and spiced just right. The happiness all around the table was evident in the smiling faces of all present.

In terms of service they could do a bit better as they seemed to forget my friends Diet Coke way too many times, however on all other aspects China Garden made coming there seem like the best decision I have made in a long time. One more thing that made us happy was that they have large portions so you feel your charged fairly.

In terms of pricing we spent almost 800 Rupees per head but were extremely stuffed and brought home enough for two of us to eat again the next day.

Do remember though that shorts aren't allowed so make sure you wear jeans at the least when you visit.

What has your experience been at this legendary restaurant? Let us know in the comments. Any suggestions for the next time we visit them?


PHONE NUMBER 022 23630841 022 23630842

LOCATION 123, Om Chambers, August Kranti Marg, Kemps Corner, Mumbai

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