Freshness in a pack from ID Foods - Idli Dosa Mix and Parathas

Who doesn't want things instantly in this day and age? From Instant noodles to instant slimming everything seems to be needed in a jiffy isn't it? Well the folks at ID foods seem to have started to sort that out for you with their range of Idli Dosa Batter, Heat and Eat Parathas, Heat and Eat Chapatis as well as a range of fresh chutneys as well. The great thing about the products they have is the fact that they use absolutely no preservatives in them. Do check out their website to learn more about the items they have on offer by clicking here. In case you want to follow them on social media their links are: Id Fresh on Facebook , Id Fresh on Twitter

ID foods is based out of Bangalore and their products are available at many locations across the country. In fact I just spotted them at a store near me as well.

Malabar Parotas from ID Foods

Just Heat Malabar Parotas:

The just heat malabar parotas were available in two sizes and two varieties as well. They had whole wheat as well as maida. The maida ones had a nice chewiness to them and crisped up beautifully on the pan. The whole wheat along with crisping up beautifully also had a nice heaviness in the bite which instantly made one realize that these are whole wheat in nature.

With a cooking process which is as simple as Heat on a Tawa , Scrunch with two hands to make the layers pop out and eat with your favourite curry this is perfect for anyone who is too tired to make fresh breads that night. I can think of many times I would have loved to have had these at my disposal when I used to stay away from home.

The cute mini parotas tasted just like the bigger ones but came in cuter sizes. Check out the parotas being cooked in the below images.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3 and their done

Idli Dosa Batter:

Next up was the Idli and Dosa Batter which they sent us to try. The timing was perfect too as a craving for home made dosas and uttapams was just beginning to form. Guess the universe has a way of making things seem better when you really want them to be better eh?

The batter comes packed nicely in a reusable pack which ID foods very nicely requests you to reuse on the packaging itself. Always good to see companies go the extra mile in the packaging department.

The batter itself needed a touch of salt however does come lightly salted on its own as well. You might want to taste a teensy weensy bit before adding too much salt to it. The fact that I liked the most about this batter was that you could just remove it from the packaging and use it. No need to let it ferment for a few hours before hand. Makes the process

The Dosas and Uttapams prepared with the mix were really nice and something I could easily imagine myself reaching out for when a mid week craving for Dosas strikes.

We used it to make uttapams and dosas after adding a small amount of water just like they asked. At our end we added around a tablespoon for each small cup of batter however your personal preferences might be a bit different so do let us know what worked for you in the comments.

Dosa Batter with the Uttapam toppings
Uttapam being prepared
Dosa on the tawa
Fresh Dosa with Aloo and Chutney = Yum

We ended up making close to 8 uttapams and dosas which was quite a respectable amount for a meal. Once we were done with it the bag has been washed and reused to store other knick knacks in the kitchen.

Overall it was a great experience with the food and I certainly look forward to trying to incorporate them in the kitchen at home on a more regular basis as they are competitively priced and use no preservatives what so ever which is quite rare in the world we live in today.

Have you had a chance to try their offerings? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Bambaiya Veggie was sent samples by the ID foods team to try out at home.