Buffet feast @ JW Cafe, JW Marriott, Sahar

I have amazing memories of stuffing my self till I couldn't move at the Taj Buffet on many a Sunday.The Taj had a fun kids play area where the kids could be dropped off (like we invariably were) and the adults could sit around chat and have a merry time for a couple of hours. One of the key features of the buffet spread which would delight my parents was the wide variety of food available to us. At the time being able to try many cuisines from around the world brought a smile to their faces. I finally understood what my parents felt when I dined at JW Cafe recently as part of the #FTBBloggersmeet organized by the awesome founders of Fat Toxic Bawarchi a group of foodies who run their own channel over at Youtube. To go visit it click on the link here.

We were invited along with other food bloggers to celebrate the Kebab Fest that JW Cafe has going on.

Now for Non vegetarians the Kebab choice is fabulous and impressed all the bloggers present. However for the Vegetarians the choice was much more limited.

Veg Kebab Platter @ JW Cafe, JW Sahar

The selection included the Paneer Kali Mirch kebabs and the Palak Corn Tikkis. Unfortunately both were quite flat in terms of taste and didn't really engage the taste buds much. However the extremely courteous staff did mention that they have an all Vegetarian buffet on Tuesday which they are such Vegetarians would love. Sucheta over at The Vegetarian Buffet did a post on it a while back which you guys can check out here. She does mention though that it was available only till the end of June so do check with the hotel on that.

Falafel Bullets @ JW Cafe, JW Sahar

However when you're at a fabulous establishment like the JW Sahar you can rest assured that there will be more than enough for you to explore on the buffet menu. So with hunger in the belly we explored the rest of the menu.

Selections included an expansive Arabic Menu which has a large variety of dips as well as Tagines for one to try. The dips were really yum and had their own distinctive flavours.

Arabic Selection @ JW Cafe, JW Sahar

In addition to the Arabic menu the buffet also boasts of a Japanese section where one can grab Vegetarian Sushi as well as live grilled skewers of fresh veggies. I tried the mushroom grill and the mushrooms had a nice sweet glaze on top of it. I love my spice but this was a really nice surprise.

Fresh Skewers ready to be grilled @ JW Cafe, JW Sahar

In other cuisines available to us there were Indian with the regular choice of Dals and Sabzis, Thai with a live soup counter and the standard mix ins available. In addition there was a nice choice of cheese and grilled and fresh vegetables to make into a salad as well.

Grilled Veggies to mix into your salad @ JW Cafe, JW Sahar
Fresh Cheese anyone? @ JW Cafe, JW Sahar
Fresh Veggies to customize your salad as you please @ JW Cafe, JW Sahar

Any buffet though is incomplete without the live counters and in addition to the live grill counter mentioned above there was the live Chaat counter, Pasta station, Crepe Station and Waffle Iron.

Crepe station and Waffle Iron @ JW Cafe, JW Sahar

Quite the selection to make any foodie happy and I haven't even reached the deserts yet in which department the JW Cafe has really out done themselves. From macarons to slices of pastries and chocolate lollipops it was like a mini wonderland for all of us. The choice has something to please everyone at the table and is definitely something to keep space for.

Overall the JW café is a space I can see myself visiting with family for a lazy drawn out meal and finding something which everyone finds tasty and keeps the conversation and smiles flowing.

Bambaiya Veggie was invited by the hotel to be a part of this experience.