Craving Gazpacho due to The New York Times

When prepared as they do in southern Spain, zesty gazpacho is more drink than soup, served in a glass instead of a bowl. (Article plus video.)

Source: Gazpacho, Seville-Style, to Sip in Summer - The New York Times

I don't have a history with Gazpacho despite having heard the name many times in the past on television shows and articles online. In our house we have always considered it a cold soup which we will try at some point in our lives just not right now. That time by the way has never come around.

However this article and the way the author describes Gazpacho and it's variations makes me want to go out and grab some tomatoes to make it at home. Luckily we love a bit of heat in the house so the fact that there is chilli doesn't diminish its capabilities as a perfect sipping drink at all.

Right now however due to the monsoons we are observing a few months of no-onion no-garlic in the house so this wish is going to have to wait till the third week of September. Given how hot it is going to be in October though I have no issues with it at all. In fact that might be the perfect time to try this out and see if its something I can convince my mother we should make for the guests who visit during Diwali.

Till then if you guys have any Gazpacho recipes you think I should check out do let me know in the comments below.