Tossing it up at Wok Express, Kemps Corner

I fail miserably at making a decent stir fry. God knows I've tried enough times. Might need to take a class with an expert soon to figure out where I'm going wrong. In the meantime though it is great news that there is a new string of Wok places finally opening up in Bombay. Wok tossed food is quick to prepare and healthy as well utilizing an extremely small amount of oil when done right. Hopefully that becomes a larger part of popular culture as time goes by.

The space Wok Express occupies is the same one occupied previously by Vicinia at Kemps Corner. The location has a history of changing brands frequently and I hope that it doesn't continue.

The space is split into two levels with the lower level having a counter where you have all the vegetables laid out fresh in front of you ala Subway. Behind that is a clear glass separator which lets you peek into the chefs tossing meals together quickly. Upstairs there are a few more tables and mercifully a loo. Anyone who shops in this area regularly knows how important that can be. With sparse basic interiors done up in Red and black the space is similar to their Bandra outlet and manages to look clean and tidy in a good way.

Woks and Sushi @ Wok Express, Kemps Corner

For our meal we decided to have two woks and sample their newly introduced Sushi as well. The Sushi it self was very pedestrian and was quickly gobbled down to finish it off as an appetizer.

Having had a chance to eat at their Bandra outlet as well here's what we think of the four sauces we have had so far.

Kung Pao Full of garlicky goodness. While personally I would have preferred a bit more spice though. Biggest joy was finding whole pods of garlic hidden in the sauce once all the noodles were over.

Toban It was meant to be spicy however ended up leaving a slightly sweet taste in the mouth. We did have the Jain version however that isn't really a reason not to be spicy is it?

Black Bean You can really taste the beans in this one in a good way. Though by the end gets a bit monotonous so would only opt for it in the smaller serving.

Chilli Basil Our least favourite of the bunch due to its overposwering soya flavour and lack of any real heat despite having chilli in its name. Avoid.

The price point is reasonable for the quantity of food it gets you. Rs. 190 for the smaller size and Rs. 250 for the larger one.

We must also appreciate the service after reaching out to them over Twitter over an order which never got delivered to us. Converting the gf from a I'm never going to come here again to I might just think about it is no small thing.

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