Milkshake Memories

Day dreaming about food is something which I end up doing more often than I'm comfortable admitting. It's a brilliant way to spend the better part of half an hour thinking up ridiculous combinations of food you could have or food memories that I have surrounding a particular food.

Reading an article like the one put out recently by Serious Eats about all the delicious milkshakes you could have funnels these combinations into a more focused vision.


For lots of us, milkshakes aren't just delicious—they appeal to our sense of nostalgia, too. They conjure up the days of soda jerks and drugstore fountains, or, for those of us too young to remember things like that, just remind us of the little joys of childhood. Here are 12 milkshake recipes, ranging from sophisticated and subtle to super-rich, to keep your inner kid happy for the rest of the summer.

Source: 12 Delicious Milkshake Recipes to Bring out Your Inner Kid | Serious Eats

This time it made me think about my milkshake memories. Now we have never really been a household where milkshakes get made. Mom's never really been inclined in that direction. Maybe it's because they can be pretty fattening or maybe she just doesn't like them. However having traveled to Hong Kong multiple times during my childhood I'm sure one of the first times I would have had milkshakes must have been in a McDonald's over there. Then again maybe not. However I did think back to the milkshakes I've enjoyed in Bombay over the years.

Now I'm partial to chocolate and vanilla so my picks all involve milkshakes surrounding them.

There's been the brilliant two for one milkshake you get when you go to the guy in the lane behind Pancharatna at Opera House. If you have any friends or friends of friends who used to work at the diamond exchange there ask them. There will be more than one happy story I'm sure. They will surely tell you about the superlative Sev and Khamni you get there as well.

From slightly more upmarket locations I used to enjoy the Oreo milkshake at the original Mocha outlet at Churchgate. It used to be my go to drink whenever a visited involved my parents or me having enough pocket money left over to indulge in one. Many a silent tear was shed by me in memory of the Oreo shake their.

I also remember getting very excited whenever someone in the family used to order the Ice Cream Sodas at Cream Center. Now I know they technically may not be milkshakes however when your travelling down such a delightful lane of nostalgia do the terms really matter?

What are your favorite milkshake memories? Do they involve chocolate like mine?