Between Breads, Bandra - Two buns of happiness please

Bombay needs more places one can go to grab some great sandwiches and burgers. This thought has been rolling around inside my head ever since I saw the movie Chef. The likes of McDonalds while great for grabbing a bite on the go just weren't cutting it for me anymore. It will always have a soft spot in my heart but there are times when you want more na? That need for more is where Between Breads fulfills really well. Located in a tiny by lane off Mini Punjab in Bandra, Between Breads is a simple joint doing simple things extremely well. It serves a selection of Burgers, Sandwiches, Fries and Shakes and does so exceedingly well.

The décor at between breads is colorful and fun with the flashy red theme. Made me think about sitting in one of the diners in the Archies comics and we actually found one at our table for us to read. Sitting space is extremely limited so make sure you are coming in groups of three to four people. Any more than that number and you will be split up among multiple tables. However the seats are quite comfortable despite being on the higher side, something I know the gf is going to not be happy about.

Mushroom and cheese fries to die for at Between Breads. Nuff said. Time to hog now. #foodie #foodporn #food #vegetarian #frenchfries #mushrooms #foodcoma

To start things off we got the Mushroom and cheese fries from their not so secret menu. Cheese and full of mushroomy goodness we immediately had to call for a second round of these. If you like mushrooms you have no reason to not call for these.

A well made sandwich and burger bursting with flavors. The simple things in are often the best. Stop salivating and come to @betweenbreads now!! #food #vegetarian #foodie #foodporn #burgers #sandwich #instagood #photooftheday #instafood #yummy #evening #amazing

Next up were the burgers and sandwiches. Starting with the Veg Lime Chilli Pesto burger which was a vegetable patty topped with lettuce gherkins and a lime pesto. The patty could have been a bit plumper however the freshness of the lettuce with the crispness of the patty made this one nice to eat.

The Philly veg sandwich made me think immediately of the decadent Cubanos in Chef. Overflowing with grilled onions and mushrooms in a Smoky BBQ sauce this was messy to eat but totally worth it. There is nothing quite like the flavours of a well made sandwich to make you forget your problems and that's exactly how we felt when we ate this one.

Now I'm not totally sure whether burgers and milkshakes really pair well together but I can't resist a Oreo shake when there is one on the menu. The oreo shake was nice and thick with the ice pieces inside just managing to cool the snake without diluting it and making it feel watery. Now on my list for favorite Oreo shakes in Bombay.

We overate and hence ended up paying around 600 a head. On a more reasonable night 400-500 per head should be enough.

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