Seasonal Buffet at JW Cafe: Oktoberfest

When someone mentions Oktoberfest two images immediately spring to my mind. Cold jugs of German beer and cute German ladies serving them. Sexist? Definitely but that's just what you end up thinking of Oktoberfest if your exposed to only what the media wants you to think. The origins of Oktoberfest however are in the 1800s when a celebration was held to celebrate a royal wedding. Nothing like getting drunk and partying to celebrate something right?

JW Cafe had done up the tables with a nice blue checked table cloth with fresh edible pretzels on every table to add to the Oktoberfest vibe.

Now ordinarily for a vegetarian there isn't a lot to choose from in terms of traditional German food so I was glad to see that the team at the JW Sahar had gone above and beyond in trying to cater to their vegetarian patrons.

As an appetizer they had a traditional potato and onion salad. Slightly creamy I wish the onions were marinated a bit better, they seemed a tad bit too raw.

Mushroom Ragout @ JW Cafe, Mumbai
Hand Rolled Pasta @ JW Cafe, Mumbai

Up next on the German section was the brilliant mushroom ragout. Just bursting with umami flavour this was without a doubt the standout dish for me. I could have a bowl of just this and have a stupid happy grin on my face once I'm done. The mushrooms were accompanied by some hand rolled pasta tossed with Bell Peppers. As a simple dish it paired really well with the heavy ragout.

As accompaniments there were two versions of saurkraut - red cabbage and regular - it's the German version of a cabbage pickle and an extremely traditional German dish.

The German theme continued to the desserts where there was a twice proofed dough poached in milk. Made me think immediately of a Indian dessert though I can't put my finger on which one it was most similar too.

Paired with the meal were Erdinger beers to add to the October fest spirit. Being an Oktoberfest themed selection I would have expected a much wider selection of beers to try. I do hope they will rectify this next year.

Dessert, Beer and Pretzels @ JW Sahar, Mumbai

As always the other counters at the JW Cafe had a great selection of food to try. Personally am a big fan of these seasonal additions JW Cafe has in its buffet. Makes every visit interesting and keeps the buffet from becoming stale. Make sure you try out their buffet some time soon.