Hoppipola has new cocktails to get drunk with

It's been close to a year since Hoppipola started its operations in Bombay. Already an established brand in Pune and Bangalore it sought to bring its fun blend of alcohol and casual board games to the city and its succeeded. With outposts in Powai, Khar and Lower Parel almost always packed to the brim on the weekends Hoppipola has become synonymous with being a fun place to go for some drinks. It helps that these drinks are reasonably priced as well.

Never ones to rest on their laurels and just enjoy the success that three outlets bring the guys running Hoppipola have decided to shake things up by introducing a slew of new cocktails to the menu.

To make the cocktails a bit special they have gone out of their way to put a bit of theatricality in each of them and as with any attempt at something new there are some hits, some ones which we are on the fence about and some misses along the way.

IQ @ Hoppipola, Khar
Hoppi Bath Tub and Da Vincitini @ Hoppipola, Khar

On the positive side we loved the IQ shaped like a light bulb which is sure to spark a few thoughts when you sample its blend of vodka, watermelon, passion fruit and cranberry. You could also drown your sorrows in the Hoppi Bath Tub which has a boozy potent mix of White Rum and beer along with Basil and Burnt Orange. If your in a more playful mood the Da VinciTini allows you to paint your glasses with Dark or white chocolate and top it with Vodka Espresso and Baileys.

Bird Cage @ Hoppipola, Khar

We were on the fence about the Birdcage which looked dramatic but didn’t really hit all the right notes with the White Run and Orange liqueur mixed with the Pineapple and Hazelnut. They need to re balance the drink and make the fruit flavors stand out a bit more.

Kaffir Lime Martini @ Hoppipola, Khar

The misses of the evening were the Pornstar Martini with its mix of Vodka, Vanilla, Passionfruit and Sparkling Wine lacking any star quality and the Kaffir Lime Martini which didn’t seem to work with the bruchetta at all and really needs to go back to the drawing board.

Overall with more hits than misses we are glad that Hoppipola is trying to keep things fresh and look forward to many more nights where board games and booze are present in equal measure. We definitely plan on visiting and drowning in the Hoppi Bath Tub soon.

Bambaiya Veggie was invited to this preview experience by the restaurant.