Soma, Grand Hyatt refreshes its menu

When I think about Indian food my mind automatically jumps to either heavy North Indian or the lighter South Indian cuisines. However India is so much more complex than just Vindhyas separating the country in two. There is so much more to explore if we go on a state by state basis, even more so if we decide to break the larger states into different regions.

As part of their own endeavor to showcase a larger selection of items to their guest Soma at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai have decided to add a few more regional dishes to their menu. These additions have primarily tried to focus on the malwani and maharashtrian styles of food. Now I must admit that overall the selection had a far greater spread of non vegetarian items as compared to the vegetarian dishes, however the staff at Soma is incredibly helpful and willing to customize pretty much any dish to your needs.

It was extremely heartening that the chef personally came up to me a few times to ask about my honest feedback so that they could further tailor the food to vegetarian tastes if required.

Green Peas and Chilli Tikka @ Soma, Grand Hyatt
Green Peas and Chilli Tikka @ Soma, Grand Hyatt

Amongst the wide selection of dishes we tried the Green Peas and Green chilli with its perfect shape and subtle hint of spice was definitely my favorite of the night.

The tandoori mushrooms served as starters had an aggressive spice level which is sure to please the spice lovers amongst us.

Various Curries @ Soma, Grand Hyatt

The star of the main course was the Baingan Bharta with its subtle flavours dancing on the palate for the briefest moments and urging you to have just another bite. The Dum Aloo Banarasi served to us is from their regular menu however I am glad that it was served to us as I have thoroughly enjoyed the dish on my previous visits. In an attempt to provide food which is slightly more evocative of the dishes prepared at home, we were also served a light Bhindi with onions in it. Light and fresh it showcased the fact that Indian food need not be heavy all the time.

We wrapped up the meal with a selection of desserts with a paan kulfi and steaming hot gulab jamun being the ones which stood out for me.

I have been a fan of Soma for a while now and will thoroughly recommend visiting it the next time a craving for quality Indian food strikes.

We were informed that the set menu will be priced at Rs 2450++ per person.

Bambaiya Veggie was invited to the restaurant as part of the #StorySovietsBloggersMeet.