DiceyNights are fun nights at Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue has always been a fun place to grab a meal. With various sitting options from the outside verandah to the inner AC Sections its always easy to find the perfect place to sit.Given the festive spirit that this time of year brings with Halloween just past us and Diwali approaching fast they have decided to include fun games into the mix to make sure that the smiles and the drinks keep flowing. If your feeling in a brainy mood you can try out their large chess board or even their shot chess board where each piece is made out of shot glasses, the player whose piece is captured obviously takes the shot. Lots of silly moves by the time a few pawns have been exchanged for sure.

Shot Roulette @ Out of the Blue, Khar

For those feeling lucky there is shot roulette which has quirky shots like vinegar and tabasco as well so you realize your truly gambling with your tastebuds.

Foozball!! @ Out of the Blue, Khar

On the more sedate side they have Drinko where you drink whatever your coin drops into.The games don't stop there with the addition of Beer Pong to the mix. Never having played Beer Pong I gave it a 'shot' and unfortunately sucked at it. Guess I need to get a lot more practice soon, I hope my friends are reading this and plan something soon.

Mega Jenga @ Out of the Blue, Khar
Fancy your skill at darts @ Out of the Blue, Khar

Feel like the shots are making things move? Well with Mega Jenga that actually might turn out to be true.

For DiceyNights they have introduced a whole new menu and we got to sample a few dishes from it.

Stuffed Chilli Poppers @ Out of the Blue, Khar
Lasagna @ Out of the Blue, Khar
Espresso Shot @ Out of the Blue, Khar

Our picks for the night would certainly be the Stuffed Chilli Poppers and the Multi Layer Dip with Pita and Lavash. Perfect for boozy fun nights such as the one we experienced. Unfortunately the too heavy Ravioli didn't live up to expectations and the Sizzler was way too low on vegetables to be fun. The Lasagna however came with a flavorful tomato sauce and should definitely be ordered if your in the mood for something heavy.

Dicey Nights are running till the 8th of November and I urge you to go let your hair down and enjoy a fun night. I certainly did.

Bambaiya Veggie was invited to this experience by the restaurant. The camera on my phone is taking terrible photos and I urge you to bear with them till I arrange for a new handset.

Spin the wheel and you could win @ Out of the Blue, Khar