Charcoal Biryani - Layers of flavour to go

Sometimes when you have had a long day you just need to order some comfort food.

For different people comfort food has different definitions however for me a nice biryani or pizza will do just fine. 

After an exhausting day at Mumbai Comic Con, I ordered a biryani from the new guys on the block 'Charcoal Biryani' 

Read on to find out what I though about the meal from Charcoal Biryani

First things first, the packaging was gorgeous. High quality black paper packed really well with a holder inside to ensure that the Biryani stays put and the dahi too. 

Included in the box is a spork and a packet of raita masala. For a second I thought it would be dehydrated veggies however it turned out to be a dry mix of spices. Reminded me of the chaas masala one sprinkles liberally at Bhagat Tarachand.

raita with masala @ Charcoal Biryani

Biryani with Fried Onions @ Charcoal Biryani

Once you open the tightly encased biryani, your immediately hit with a nice waft of smells. The fried onions looked great on top and the beautiful saffron rice was a delight to behold.

The biryani was layered nicely with vegetables which thankfully were in sufficient quantity. I've found that lacking in the biryanis I've picked up from delivery joints or had parceled recently. A friend recently mentioned that a good biryani should have all the flavours in a single bite. Having a decent amount of veggies is crucial to this.

Digging in to the biryani itself once all the vegetables are mixed up properly is a delight and you get a nice flavour of the spices in each bite. There was a nice layer of smokiness in the biryani which delighted me. Was expecting charcoal to only be a buzz word to be honest.

Having had the space for only one biryani I hope to try their other Paneer biryani sometime soon when the craving for a good biryani strikes again. I really hope they do increase the number of options for vegetarians though. I'm sure choosing between just two options would get old really soon.

At Rs 210 a pop the price point justifies calling for them whenever the craving strikes.

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