Oh Fudge! This is quite awesome!

Silky smooth chocolatey goodness paired with high quality nuts is what new Fudge delivery service 'Oh! Fudge' promises.

We had a chance to catch up with co-founder Prateek Vaid at Comic Con.

Golden lidded bottles of fudge.

Manning the small counter at Comic Con this year must have been an epic challenge for Prateek. Despite the sheer size of the crowd though he seemed to maintain his cool and dish out samples for whoever wanted to just get a taste.

Luckily we were able to catch up with him on the morning of Day 2 when things were a bit calmer. This gave us a chance to delve deeper into the story behind Oh! Fudge.

Prateek tells me that the recipe for the fudge is originally his mothers and they have decided to maintain the purity of the recipe, opting to add no additional preservatives to it. This does limit its shelf life to 7 days outside and 15 days refrigerated (no chance its surviving that long though).

The differentiation they hope to provide with their version of fudge is going to be through the dry fruits they use in the five flavors they currently have. To give us an example of this he mentioned how peanuts would be imported from bharuch specially.


Its this attention to detail and ingredients which would help them stand out in the current market. 

In terms of taste we sampled their chocolate walnut fudge as well as the peanut and sea salt fudge. With a lovely smoothness in the texture we couldn't resist dipping into the jars again and again to polish them off.

The lovely golden topped jars looked attractive as well and would make great gifts as well. I am looking forward to seeing these as a regular fixture in wedding invitations soon.

Reach out to them on +91 9820441417 to order some for yourself immediately!